Thoughts on new piece?

  • Hi, everyone! For my most recent piece, I was trying to focus on extreme lighting, mood, and narrative. What can I do better next time?


  • light lines tend to fade as they get away from the source. Love the colors and the shapes of your person. Not sure that some of your light lines would actually be running into cast shadows...

  • Interesting concept, it wasn't immediately clear to me the shadow of death, at first it looked like part of a cast shadow of the lamp.

    Did you have any lighting and mood reference that you used?

  • @Rich-Chabot I did that on purpose, actually! I wanted it to convey a night terror - how normal objects can look like something else.

    And I looked high and low for some kind of reference to use for the lighting, but I couldn't find anything 😕

  • SVS OG

    Cool concept! I've been wanting to do something with light coming through blinds for awhile, its such a distinctive lighting situation, and it tells you about things going on off-camera really well. I'm kind of wishing the woman's expression was more... expressive? She doesn't seem to be feeling anything about what she sees, which is losing an opportunity for story telling I think.

  • @Sarah-LuAnn you're so right! I had a really difficult time with the face. I'll work on expressions!

  • Love the concept! And the watercolours - are they digital or is this a traditional piece? My only comment on this is that the bright orange colour coming through the blinds make it look like a very sunny, bright day. I sort of got the feeling that this scenario should take place at night, and so the light through the blinds should have been cooler. I kinda like her expression. She looks sort of resigned, like she knows the inevitable is happening. Sad, but not scared. Powerful 🙂

  • @Camomilla Thank you! 😃 I did do this traditionally. As for the lights, I was going for a streetlamp shining through the window sort of feel, since they're kind of orange-y, but you're right, I definitely could've gone a bit cooler with it.

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