3rd Thursday April

  • Hi,

    I have been working on the new 3rd Thursday prompt and came up with this idea:

    Lucy is playing a hoop game with some narwhals and one accidentally skewers the boat causing a big hole but that is alright as Lucy has her magical toolbox so she can fix it quickly with some tape.

    Here are my very rough thumbnails for it -
    2016-04-06 12.38.362.jpg

    Does this work as a concept (I have a few others..)?

    Do you think the composition works at this very early stage? I am not sure about the position of the top narwhal location.

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    Cute concept!

  • I think the camera angle is great, and also having the piece of boat still stuck to the narwhal's horn. I also really like that you did your thumbnail as a value study - something I need to work on. My only question is the narwhal happy that he put a hole in the boat? Seems to me that if they were just playing a game together he'd be the opposite. Also, maybe there could be some evidence of the game they were playing - maybe she was playing ring toss with them - some rings on the other narwhals and some in her boat. Just some thoughts.

  • Thanks Rebecca. You are right the next thing to do it think about the expressions which I am still not sure about. I did actually put in rings in the boat and on the other narwhales but its hard to see as its so rough and mostly shorthand for me.
    I will make the drawing more detailed.

  • Great concept! I would suggest to go with @lee-white and @will-terry suggestion and do more than one thumbnails and post them all here so we can help you more!

    This one is good, however I would suggest maybe varying the sizes a little more. The boat, guy and narwals are all pretty much the same size, even the water coming out of the boat is the same size. Maybe if you would try a lower camera angle you wouldn't see the inside of the boat but you could see a huge "spout" of water coming from the hole? And this way you could have big narwals in the foreground and small ones in the background..

    Hope this helps 🙂

  • lower angle definitely!

  • Ok, I will work on some more thumbnails and try some other things now that i recon the concept works. My first ones where so rough that I did not think they were worth showing.
    Thanks for the help. I am quite new to digital art and have never really done thumbnails before. I tended to just do lots of sketching.

  • Right I managed to do some more thumbnails (Had to do a quick sketch of Lucy to keep my going!). Do you recon any of these make a better layout?
    2016-04-08 13.35.262.jpg

  • I really like the middle one, top row! A lot more dynamic 🙂

  • @sarahelliott489 I think the one that's both above and below the water is a great view.
    Maybe play with the one that speared the boat being under water so you see everything and see how that reads too. But i like how it feels like you are either one of the narwhals or in the water with them.

  • Hi Thank you for the feedback. I had a go at doing a more detailed drawing of the under water view:
    2016-04-10 14.17.452.jpg
    I wonder if it is to empty at the bottom unless i put text there.

  • This post is deleted!

  • So I have done a tonal study.
    2016-04-12 20.04.262.jpg

    And taken a look at colours. I am not sure which one to chose. I think I like the bottom right one the best but I find the multiply layer makes the colours too dark so when I actually paint it it will be brighter.
    2016-04-12 20.40.412.jpg

    Anyone got any other colour ideas as I wonder if the ones I chose are too predictable?

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    Very nice work Sarah! Glad to see you putting in the time to do all the steps! Makes a big difference huh!

    I'd pick the lower right color study. It has a really great feel to it. Overall your values are still a little muddy though. Try to do a value study without your line work. That will let you know how effective your tones are.

    In terms of your drawing and storytelling, there is something I would like to suggest. Consider her reaction a bit more to this event. She looks so calm even though the boat is now sinking! He is holding the tape in an unnatural way given her situation. The way to fix that is consider her gesture and what would actually happen in the situation a bit more. The whale would poke the hole and then the next moments would be very frantic. She would lunge forward and try to plug the hole as quickly as possible. Tools would be spilling everywhere as she digs through and tries to find the right solution.

    So with any frantic scene with a lot of energy, you want to use more angles in your design. Avoid static vertical and horizontal lines. Especially in the gesture of your figures. I did a quick sketch as a sample. Feel free to add or take away as needed.

    Looking really good so far. Can't wait to see the final. : )


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    Love your whales designs. they make me laugh. Looking great, and good suggestion @Lee-White

  • @Lee-White Thanks for the advice. Yes the colours are getting muddy which I think it due to using the normal layer and when I paint over the top I hope that will go away.

    I really like your draw over but the prompt says she has to look confident so I wanted her to look relaxed but maybe there is a different way to do it. I will give her a bit of a redraw and see what I can come up with.

    I have been following the 10 steps course stuff and it has really been helping.
    Thanks for all your great videos.

  • Ok so I had another go at drawing Lucy but I am really struggling to get her expression right. Anyone got any ideas?
    0_1460725289595_2016-04-15 13.59.022.jpg

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