April 3rd Thursday WiP

  • A few rough sketch ideas
    witch and potion, pilot and plane, mechanic and robot head, engineer and leaking dam, fairy and flower

    lucy fairy 1.png
    A fairy 'fixing' a broken flower with a magic spell or specific fairy dust, her toolbox would be a pouch of fairy dust or wand or a combination.

    lucy pilot 1.png
    a pilot or wingwalker 'fixing' a hole in the wing with duct tape, the magical fix all tool

    lucy witch1.png
    a witch making a potion that is spewing over and wrong 'fixing' it by adding some additional magical component. Her toolbox is her magic components.

  • Some additional sketches of lucy the witch fixing a potion
    lucy 2.1.png
    View from behind

    lucy 1.1.png
    Front view

    I see her as being small compared to the cauldron and uses a step ladder to get higher up and to place her 'magic toolbox of components'

  • love the little witch concept! I would make the cauldron wayyyyy bigger, to get across the idea that she is tackling something very big..and i love the idea of somehow showing her on the ladder. can't wait to see what you do with her!

  • A few more rough ideas on lucy the witch comps
    witch establishing.png

    witch angle.png

    witch close.png

    witch close2.png

  • A few thumbnails for the comp. still working on getting posts sorted to view easier.
    I think C or D are the better options, G is more 1stperson view and H is plain overhead.

  • @Rich-Chabot thank you for your suggestions and ideas! I wI'll have a play around and see what I can do. I found it quite tricky to come up with a picture containing all the necessary elements. I think you have to compromise somewhere..
    I see that you are working on a witch too! Great minds think alike. I don't really have any suggestions though! Good luck x

  • I think I'll be going with this comp and push to lineart and grayscale
    lucy final wip sml.png

  • Pro SVS OG

    This is a cool idea. I think many of the comps could work, but for some reason I am attracted by F. I know it may be seen as boring, but it is the size relationship between her and the cauldron that makes it interesting. Straight on depth-free compositions are often used for comic strips and seem to highlight humor at times. But you could also consider to move the camera a bit to get a slight top view. I also like the idea of viewing the whole scene from the top, reminds me of a swimmer preparing to jump from a trampoline. Maybe a hugely distorted vertical perspective could be interesting. Looking forward to see this evolve!

  • @smceccarelli thanks I do like F definitely gives the BIG problem feel. Trying to balance between close up and establishing shot for the prompt.

  • This is a fun idea and you whipped out a good number of thumbnails (and you've left room for text!). I'm curious what "fix" this witch uses to solve the problem. Will it be traditional, spooky, crazy? How does it illuminate her character? It'll be fun to see what you do with this!

  • @Timbdsf Thanks, i'm thinking yellow ooze when it's supposed to be green so maybe some blue moon dust, at one point it was going to be bat wings or eye of newt etc.

  • OK here's the final I submitted but any comments and critiques are welcome, I don know a few areas I can adjust but really wanted something submitted 🙂

    0_1461160742216_lucy final sml.png

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