"Guten Tag" – My name is Fabienne

  • I'm very exited to learn from all of you and I hope my rusty language skills are no obstacle. 😉

    After I saw the awesome special offer it was a no-brainer to subscribe straightaway. Now, my day starts and ends with SVS lessons.
    Although I'm an educated designer/illustrator I have problems with perspective – just like math: it wasn't my thing – hopefully I can fix that asap and improve my portfolio.
    I focus on children's books and I wanna go to the Frankfurt Book Fair and Bologna Children's Book Fair. Is there any chance to meet someone of you there?

    If you would like to see my previous work, here is my website (only in german sorry!): www.fabiennebethke.de

    Thanks to Will and Jake for creating this wonderful place!


  • Welcome here, Fabienne!

    I really like your printmaking work. I look forward to seeing how you do with the perspective class. 😃

  • Welcome! I'm a broken English speaker as well, but people here are awesome! Hope you have fun learning. I like your website!

  • @K.-W. @Naroth-Cow Thanks to both of you for the warm welcome and kind words.
    I looked into the perspective class yesterday and practice in my spare time… It can only get better! (The language problems as well) 🙂

    Take care!

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