3rd Thursday WIP April

  • This is my idea so far, Lucy is a squirrel, the "big problem" is a lumberjack cutting down her tree, and the "tool" is a big spider to scare him away, I've also got an old box of junk as her "magic toolbox".

    It's just an idea sketch for now to help visualize the scene, I still need to make Lucy look more like a character, and figure out the best "camera" angle.

  • Here are some character sketches for Lucy, there are still a few things to work out though.

    As you can see at the bottom of the page I'm thinking of a top down view for the image, that way Lucy can take up more space.

  • I love the character sketches of Lucy.
    It might be fun to try several ideas of Lucy fixing something.

  • I think it's lovely! Cute idea and lovely drawing. I would suggest making the threat to the tree seem a bit bigger though. Maybe he could have a chainsaw?

  • I think it would be funny if Lucy wasn't in view of the lumberjack and maybe some other spiders can be seen around her with huge grins on their faces...

  • nice Lucy sketches...

  • @Jason-Kellogg Thanks! I'll try to see what I can come up with.

    @jacs That's a good idea, I just went with an axe because my last 3rd Thursday had a chainsaw in it and I didn't really feel like to drawing another one.

    @Russ-Van-Dine Thanks, I do want Lucy to be out of the lumberjack's sight, but the hard part is finding an angle that can show both their faces at the same time.

  • Maybe a camera angle looking down from above Lucy, then we could see the face of the lumberjack as he looks up at the spider - maybe we can see Lucy but he can't (if she's hiding behind some leaves or a branch). I love how expressive the faces are on your character sketches.

  • @Rebecca-Hirsch Thanks for the suggestion, I think that's probably what I'll do if I go with that idea.

    As @Jason-Kellogg suggested I'm trying out some more ideas, here is one of them,

    In this one the problem is a dog and the tool is a wind up mouse used to distract it.

  • @Damien-Rambacher Love this one! the character is well designed and its fun to watch. Its alive and very much storytelling! chapeau!

  • I love your squirrel sketches. They're superb. My thoughts on it. Get rid of the spider. That's not going to get rid of the lumberjack. You need something better in my opinion. What about an acorn slingshot that pulled back and ready to fire? Or a bent back tree branch ready to swing and smack him? What would really get that lumberjack to go away? Also I'm not getting the magic toolbox. I want some more magic and sorcery! Maybe it's a mega spider? That might do it.

    Anyways just some thoughts. Great idea and I love the squirrel but I think you can punch it up a little. Keep it up!

  • @Leontine Thanks!

    @dvandegriend Thanks for the feedback, I was going for the humor of a big lumberjack guy being scared off by a little spider, I've thought about other solutions but it's hard to come up with a tool that a squirrel could use to get rid of a human without getting too violent.

    As for the "magic toolbox" I was thinking it could be a box of old junk, maybe an old survival kit that a camper left behind in the woods, that would be "magical" to a squirrel, but you're right it doesn't come across as particularly magical in a single image without any backstory, especially when the tool being used is just a spider that happened to live in it, but again I run into the problem of what mundane man made object could be used to scare away someone? So basically I do like the idea but I agree that it's going to need some changes to make it work.

  • I really like the dog idea!!! The perspective is great and the idea is really funny! If you can find a way to add a toolbox to it, it would be great!

  • @NoWayMe Thanks, that's the one I've decided to go with.

    Here's what it looks like so far.

  • Love it!! Great perspective, and the characters are great!

  • SVS OG

    @Damien-Rambacher Really beautiful work so far! The overall composition and lighting is very nice. You might be able to push the value difference a bit more in foreground and background. If you squint at the image they kind of blend together. Here's a quick tweak:


  • @Damien-Rambacher Lucy is super cute!

  • @NoWayMe Thanks.
    @Suzy-Heitz Thank you.
    @natiwata Thanks for the advice, I've been working on the values, trying to keep values from blending together is hard.

    I've been working on cleaning things up a bit. Here's the current version.

  • Good job! However, I think I would push the dog's size further, make him more of a threat. With the perspective, the fact that his head is so big makes him look almost like a puppy. I think you could go more "angular" (take advantage of shape language and go triangular on some features) on him also if you want him to look menacing to Lucy. But that depends on your intent for the story! Maybe the dog is not supposed to be bad!

    Please keep posting! 🙂

  • @NoWayMe Thanks, I noticed the dog got much smaller when I compared it with the original, and that's a good point on the shapes, I went back and tried to make it a little less round.

    Here's what it's looking like now.

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