Dev's April 3rd Thursday Entry

  • I thought it would be fun to share my progress on this month's challenge here on the forums. So here is my initial concept page.
    I'm going for a cool action scene kind of feel. I want Lucy to show a "confidence in the face of danger" kind of mood...with some robot fight club mixed in.


  • I LOVE this idea and the action/characterization of Lucy. You have a great start Devin!

  • @Devin-Sailors Like your style!

  • Love the style. Nice idea too. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

  • Here is an update on my progress. Cleaned up the robots as well as Lucy. I'm not happy with her right foot, I'm going to enlarge it and add some better perspective in the next iteration.

    Thanks for the feedback! @BradAYoo @mattramsey @evilrobot


  • I love the action! I see what you mean about the right foot. With the braids swinging forward, that foot being up doesn't work. The braids say she's moving back, but the rest of the line of action says she's moving forward

  • Thanks for the input! @lynn-larson
    It should look like she's sliding in toward the left side of the page. I'll have to make this more apparent somehow.

  • I love the style and movement in this piece so far! I can't wait to see where it goes.

  • @Devin-Sailors said:

    Thanks for the input! @lynn-larson
    It should look like she's sliding in toward the left side of the page. I'll have to make this more apparent somehow.

    In that case it is the right foot making things strange. it is planted on the toes, kind of stopping the action to the left. I'm not sure fix it though...i'll think on it and see if something pops lol

    I wonder if straightening that leg and flattening the foot would work? think tom cruse in risky business...

  • @laurencrest Thanks 😃

    @lynn-larson Ha, awesome reference! I guess that is the kind of motion I'm going for. I think I have the leg and perspective working pretty well in a new version, but I'll sketch in another foot and see how that looks. Thanks!

  • @Devin-Sailors I really like how this is turning out. Very good character design and sense of depth. A couple of things on the slide that I thought of:

    1. @Lynn-larson is right about Lucy looking like shes going in towards the right and I think I know why. There is a large open space between the two bots to the right of of Lucy that suggests there is more room to slide in than if she came from her left. The cyclopes bot looks pretty much on her same plain.
    2. Think of baseball for a sec, when sliding to base the player's body is facing forward towards the slide, Lucy here is facing the opposite.
    3. Lucy's left toes look as if they are digging into the ground for stability, which suggests that is the leading foot. The placement of her left knee seems to point too far towards the action/direction.

    Unrelated to the direction, I think you need to have some more structure Lucy's shoes. They are a bit too animated, bendy even.

    I did a few draw overs for you one suggesting her moving to left and one as a fix to moving in to the right. Hope this helps:


  • i think Lucy could be bigger and forward in the picture. Looking forward to seeing this in color.

  • @bradayoo Oh wow, thanks for the input! I really like what you did with the knee, that could add some nice depth to the pose. I haven't checked up on the website in a while, and I'm already about done with the inks, so certain changes may be difficult at this point. I'll see what I can do though!
    I think my issue with the foot is reading way too many Sonic The Hedgehog comics. They tend to draw the bottom of the shoe every chance they get, which definitely influenced me in the pose.

    Also, I'll make sure to post the inked image tonight. I got some input from some local designers too, and I think It's reading a lot better now.

    @russ-van-dine Thanks! Me too!

  • Alright, so here is the inked version of the drawing. I added a lot of detail to the background to expand the story a little bit.

  • Great line work, do you plan to keep your lines?

  • Such delicious, clean lines 🙂

  • @chip-valecek Thanks! Yeah, I usually do a comic book type process with my illustrations. Keeping the line art is pretty important for that style.

    @Lynn-Larson Ha! Thanks!

  • Here is the final drawing. The colors took a lot of work, I definitely need to get better/faster with the values and lighting.


    Can't wait to see everyone's art in the critique!

  • Sweeeet! You are so brave for choosing such vibrant colors, you really pulled the balance off. Everything is so lively. Fantastic job.

  • I love how vibrant it is!! Good luck tonight!

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