3rd Thursday WIP - 2 questions!!!

  • Hey there @nowayme .

    Great concept. First, the spots. I like seeing the girls reaction to the gift over just seeing hands (unless you are totally awesome at hands - which is really hard).

    The last images with the bear in a trap. Of the three I like the cubs in the foreground. But you might consider this tip I remember @lee_white making in one of his classes. He said to consider illustrating either before or after the 'action'. So with this scene you might see the 'after' with the bear free from the trap while the little girl holds the magic tool. Just a suggestion. (Honestly it's hard to look at a poor bear it such agony.)

  • Lucy.jpg

    Here is my updated sketch! #2 was my favorite as well, so it was an easy pick!

    @katrina-fowler Thanks for the comments! Illustrating the "after" would have been a good idea also. However I wanted to try and illustrate a tensed, "action" moment. I'll make sure we see that the trap is opening and that the bear will soon be free! And her magic tool box also contains a first aid kit to patch up the bear afterward!

    Any comment/critique still more than welcome!

  • SVS OG

    @NoWayMe Hey Noemie - this looks great! - one thing about your thumbnail that is working better for me is that it is closer to the rule of thirds idea - the girl and the bear are in almost ideal positions in the thumbnail but seem too centered in this version - there was more of a flow in the thumbnail for me - I think with the main characters centered it seems more static - I think if in the thumbnail version you moved the bear and Lucy just a tiny bit to the left it would be perfect - just ideas 🙂 ........it really does look great - look forward to seeing where the goes!

  • @Kevin-Longueil Great point! I'll try to fix that and go back toward the "third" rule in my next step!

  • This is looking great! I love the trees and perspective in this version!

  • @Devin-Sailors Thanks! 🙂

  • Lucy setup 2.jpg

    Here is a value sketch of my "set-up" image! Any thoughts ?!


  • Pro SVS OG

    Love your composition where she is wearing green pants

  • I like that she's wearing the key to the toolbox as a necklace in the set-up image!

  • Here is where I am at with this image! Any thoughts on the colors choices ? Anything I should correct/modify ? Thanks!

    Lucy setup 4.jpg

  • SVS OG

    Love this! I like the magic sparkles sneaking out of the box! I would change the color of her headband. it matches the key and the gold on the box, which are important, and it pulls my eye to it. Something closer to the color of her shirt maybe?

  • @Lynn-Larson Great point Lynn! I'll change that!

  • Here is the progress on the official 3rd thursday piece, I just did a rough color/value test and I wanted to have your opinion on it!

    Thanks! Lucy 2.jpg

  • SVS OG

    I don't have any particular advice but wanted to say I really like the way your values run from dark to light with all the different shades of green, very atmospheric! I also love the composition with the trees funnelling upwards, you do get the feeling of being in a tight-knit forest which is great.

  • @Dulcie Thanks Dulcie!

  • SVS OG

    Beautiful color! I can't wait to see it done 😃

  • I love the idea and the story behind it. I think the bear cub on the right is too aligned with the tree. maybe you could turn his head slightly toward the center of the composition so we could see a little bit of his snout.

  • Cool that you have a whole story behind it. I like the composition in the forest. I think the bears in the front might be a bit to similar in tone to the big bear and the trees, and they might it could be good to make sure the shapes don't end up being blended together. Looking forward to see more!

  • @stacilyn Thanks, and good idea for the snout! I'll try that!

    @Lynn-Larson Thanks!

    @Camila-Barrera-Daza Thanks for the comment! I'll keep that in mind!

  • Here is another update on this! Refined my sketch a little and started messing around with lighting. I would like to do "speckled light" (I am not sure if it's the right term) for this piece. I think it would fit nicely with this scene and help make the focal point stands out. However, I never done a painting with that kind of lighting before! I have found some reference photo to help me, but any tips would be appreciated!

    Also, is you have comment on construction/design/composition, go ahead! 🙂


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