April 3rd Thursday...

  • Having a hard time coming up with an idea for this month. Top Left = steampunk girl fixing a robot gorilla. Top Right = Gorilla getting help with his banana from a fairy. Bottom Left = Girl working on jet engine. Bottom Right = Cute girl using toy to change flat tire. I am leaning toward the fairy helping the gorilla (top right). Looking for other feedback... sketches.jpg

  • Hi Chip, I like the steampunk girl idea best. The gorilla and fairy is really cute, but I'm not sure if a fairy could be considered a tool or if she would live in a tool box....Why wouldn't the gorilla be able to peel the banana?
    It has potential though... Good luck x
    I really want to take part this month - I've just to get a project out of the way and the. I can play around!

  • Been pretty busy with work and have not had a lot of time to work on this, but I ended up going with option 1 and changed it a little. Here is the sketch and onto cleaning up the lines.wip1.jpg

  • Line work all done, on to local colors unless there needs to be any tweaks to the lines. Thoughts?wip2.jpg

  • Just finished the final paint, will sit on it till tomorrow night before I submit. Thoughts or comments are welcome.0_1461126231782_wip4.jpg