April 3rd Thursday process

  • This month I've started a bit earlier and I've been using some of the things I've learned in the videos. So here goes my first sketch for one of the ideas I have. Lucy is great at cleaning things spotless. it's a bit unclear still, but she is in a very dirty kitchen. I will make that clearer, but I wanted to work on the tones and composition first.


    I really want to make Lucy an old lady. But I know I need to work on the character to make her a bit more energetic and bad-ass.

    My second idea is perhaps a bit more magical. She needs to get somewhere very high, and she has a magic stair that she can just pull out of her Mary-Poppins-like bag. Sketch coming up soon...

  • Oh I like your little bad ass grandma! I like the concept of her magic chair and the bag. I think that will read better than the first sketch you have here and make it more interesting (not saying this one isn't, i love her) Can't wait for you to post the next one.

  • Second idea. Lucy (still old lady) needs to get up there. 04-sketch2.jpg

    I've never done something with this sort of perspective so be my guest and let me know if I need to move stuff around. Thanks!

  • SVS OG

    I think this looks fantastic @Camila-Barrera-Daza, I love the towering perspective you've created and it's a great original idea too...it's both magic and solving a problem so it ticks the prompt's boxes very well.

  • SVS OG

    That's awesome....yeah I got nothing else. Super cool love it.

  • Wow, have to agree with the others comments, the perspective and lighting is very engaging! Love the idea behind the story as well.

  • Wow! Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  • SVS OG

    Absolutely brilliant ideas!!

  • Very cool. I love them both but I am super excited to see if you go with the second one. There is just something about that one. I want to see what she has to get to. Very cool perspective.

  • I am also a huge fan of the second one! Great idea!

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