My Aprils 3RDTH SUB

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    Please advise

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    @sam-marrero Nice drawing Sam! - my first thought is that the problem does not look obvious to me - so the image that popped into my head was changing the camera angle so we are looking down from the rocket at Lucy - also i pictured an old school WWII air force gremlin with a tool belt on tearing wires and hosing out of the rocket - Lucy could have a sandwich in her hand instead of a weapon to fix the problem - anyways that's what popped into my head - not sure it is helpful 🙂 - but i think you may want to have a more obvious problem - looking forward to seeing the next step

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    You've drawn this very nicely but I would suggest working on a couple of different compositions and getting in some overlapping elements. Right now it is very static. You have her on one side and rocket on the other. Work in some perspective and overlapping to add interest. Also agree with Kevin you need the make the problem seem more urgent...even just some sparks, smoke, or something leaking out of the rocket would help. Maybe add a another character (an animal, robot, or some kind of helper)

  • Great drawing. Very cute looking.
    I'm unsure what is the special tool she is going to use though. You might want to draw more attention to something wrong with the space ship. I can tell its not working because she has her tool box and the flap is open, though it might be a little bit more interesting if there was a bigger sign of something gone wrong, maybe smoke or show a hole where a part should be?

  • thanks guys, I will work on some compositions changes and see where it goes.

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