April 3rd Thursday (fairy advice)

  • I am new to the illustration world and I am loving this website. I watched last months critic and I am following some advice I heard about asking a question and posing options. So my question is what position is strongest/easiest to understand for my fairy aka Lucy?
    2. april2.jpg
    3 april1.jpg

    I would love any other advice you have. Thank you

  • Hi! From the ones you posted, I'd say the first one - it looks very cute and suggestive, and shows very clear that she's troubled and searching - but doesn't reaally fit the prompt that says she found the tool - so we should see her right after the moment of the search..

  • Very creative idea! I like Lucy's pose in the third concept.

  • I like the third pose also, I would make her a little larger and you could put clothes on the squirrel and the spider. The tree to the right could even have a face. Spiders have 8 legs...

  • I also like the third one best. And would make her larger, so she seems closer to the viewer. Perhaps you could also try other poses for the spider? If it's made a web big enough to catch a squirrel then maybe it's a very bit spider and all we can see are a bunch of menacing looking monster spider legs?

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