April 3rd Thursday ideas!

  • Based on Lee White's suggestion of doing multiple sketches, like many of you I am trying to do a better job of crafting my illustration. The premise of my idea is that Lucy's big problem is fixing a broken tooth on a giant robot. I have attached various perspectives and ideas on how this could happen. I'm asking if any of these perspectives of images convey that message. I'm open to suggestions or corrections on what I have sketched or need to. Thanks!

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    I like #2 the best. As i was floating ideas in my head about what to do I thought of a tooth and dentist of some sort.

  • I also like #2 the best. I like the flying helper, the upright open mouth of the robot, the size of Lucy and the point of view.

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    Awesome style man! The images are all really fun. I like #2 the best also but I also dig #1 and #5. Maybe in image #2 you could make it more apparent that there is a problem with the robot's tooth...maybe the old one is hanging down in the mouth with sparking wires with a big chip in it. Then add some depth to the tooth the other robot is holding so it looks more like a tooth. Again though great work I love your robot designs.

  • @Chip-Valecek Thanks Chip! I was trying to incorporate a giant robot into the design so I used the tooth idea.

  • @Carrie Thanks! I thought a robot helper would be fun.

  • @evilrobot Thank you for the feedback, your suggestions are excellent.
    I will work on making the damaged tooth more exaggerated!

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    @Jason-Kellogg #2 i think - with a slightly more anguished look on the robot - i think you can pull that off with his eyebrows - #1 is good too but the prompt says that she is confident - so maybe change her panicked look to a confident one if you go that route - great work!

  • @Jason-Kellogg Great illustrations. Number 2 seems like it shows the most information to me. The hole where the tooth would be illustrates your point. Having her hold up the tool, showcases the tool, which is nice. The little nurse-bot is a nice touch as well. Maybe have the tooth still in the tool. That way the reader makes a quicker connection to the tool being the tooth puller.
    His (the big robot) looks like he is surprised or shocked. If the tooth was already pulled wouldn't he be relieved?
    Though very impressive. You have a style that communicates well. These are just suggestions that might help you.

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    Great concepts and I too vote for #2. Love the dentist aspect and I really like the nurse bot. Very nice work already!

  • Thank you for the feedback Kevin, Bob and Rich!
    I will work on the robots expression, and I like the idea of having Lucy holding the tooth.

  • Hi 😊 I agree, 2 is nice. I however like the expression of the robot in 1 more.

  • @Camila-Barrera-Daza Thanks! I will try to adjust the expression to match the first one.

  • Okay, This is getting closer to my final rendering.
    I added some detail and moved a few things around.
    Any suggestions or opinions are welcomed.

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    I think you did some excellent rendering, but I think you lost a lot of what I loved in the 2nd thumbnail. You lost that slight overlapping of the girl over the robot and I think that added a lot to the image. I like the design of the girl and the big robot better in the thumb, and also the perspective you had the nurse robot coming in was nicer. The changes you made that I like are the table and thing she's standing on. I like that she's holding the broken tooth and I like that the robot clearly has a broken tooth and that he's crying. And I love that the little robot has the tissue. Hope I'm not coming off harsh I think this is a nice image but you had something going really nice in that thumb.

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    @Jason-Kellogg - I really like all of the mechanical details you have added into the line art - looks really good. My only feedback would be that Lucy looks like you drew a boys face/head/hairstyle and then added a ponytail on top. I think the face/hair might need a little more refinement to look like a girl.

  • i really like this and I really like the way you developed from your thumbnail. Lucy does look a little boyish. Maybe try a lab coat... I agree, a little overlap of Lucy and robot would help... the expression of the robot is superb!

    Great job!

  • Hi @jason-kellogg! Nice sketch! I agree with the comments that were made previously to improve it and I would add only one thing : everything on the robot looks very mechanical, except the hands... they don't look like they belong to the robot. Maybe try making them more robot-like... ?

  • @Rich-Green I agree with your assessment on Lucy, I will correct it.

  • @NoWayMe Good call on the hands, I will make them more mechanical.

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