March 3rd Thursday WiP

  • kinda late on this month but i'll post and see how far along i can push the idea.
    warhammer initial wip

  • I like the pose and the upper right where you have the long scrapping along the ground. Two suggestions:

    1 - I think you could push that pose more, make her really lean back with the weight of the hammer dragging or change the angle to give her clearer action. Search "Competitive Tug of War" on Pinterest, it could be a good start.
    2 - Again search "war hammer" on Pinterest, great reference. Make that bad boy huge and ornate!

    Can't wait to see more.

  • I love the idea you have, but you do need to push it more. My suggestions: make her about to smash something. A desk. A potted plant. Have that hammer way behind her with her ready to swing. Also I agree with the above comment. Make that hammer huge and ornate. It's a great idea though. Different from most of the other ones I've seen. Most have been monsters or creatures so this is a fresh take. Keep going!

  • haven.png
    current progress this may be as far as i get before the deadline.
    comments, suggestions and critiques are always welcome

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