Art Schools in Canada?

  • Hey guys!
    My boyfriend is going to study in Toronto this year, and I´m looking for good Canadian programs/schools foccused on illustration, So I can apply for it too.
    It doesn´t need to be a College or a university, but I´m not finding any interesting program and I´m feeling a little lost about this.
    In the first place, I´d like to experience some course foccused in editorial illustration, because my work is mostly for digital platforms and l think that could be a great skill to improve. Any other course that can help me improve myself with Children´s illustration, Freelancer career and Creativity improvement is very welcome.

    The most intreresting course that I´ve found is Independent Illustration at Seneca College, but I feel that I can learn most part of its content by studying online here and in others online schools and this could be an unnecessary waste of money.
    Do you have any suggestions of courses that I can apply with these features?

  • running out the door, but I live in Ontario, and will research this for you more extensively when I get back, off the top of my head, also look into Bobby Chiu's online school, Schoolism... a great source for illustration of all kinds. ttyl...

  • @Bobby-Aquitania
    Heyy Bobby! I appreciate your help a lot!
    I´ve already thought about Imaginism In-House workshop, but this course is only 1 month duration and it would be great to have a course longer, because we would like to stay from 6 month to 1 year!
    Can´t wait for you recomendations 🙂 Thank you!

  • I studied at Algonquin College, in Ottawa. They have a one year pre-animation course that I heartily recommend.

    Technically, its purpose is to prepare you for the 3 year Animation program but you certainly aren't obligated to follow up into animation. Character drawing, perspective and backgrounds, life drawing, even some photography, reference creation and portfolio preparation. Some people have gone from relative 10% to amazing 100% in their before-and-after pictures.

    As with anything, you get what you put in. I wish I had put in more into the program, so I would have gotten more out of it, since now my art is suffering because of neglect that I'm trying to fix.

    But, it IS a two semester college program with a college tuition cost, so it may not necessarily be for you if you want an all-online experience. Still felt it was worth mentioning as an option, though.

    EDIT: Also saw you'll be in Toronto rather than Ottawa, so my suggestion is kind of moot. Sorry about that.

  • How has nobody mentioned Sheridan yet? My friend went there before she joined Disney. John K went there and a bunch of others too.


  • @Ace-Connell I was just about to mention Sheridan! haha You beat me to it.

    Sheridan is probably the most reputable school in Ontario for a number of arts programs. Don't know about their illustration program in particular, but I was seriously considering on attending for animation. Then I changed my mind last-minute (looking back, much to my regret now) and went to Seneca for their 3-year fashion design program instead. Seneca was a decent enough school - I think it's best known for it's fire fighting program though and I wouldn't say it's likely the best in terms of the arts.

  • @Razoric480 Actually your suggestion was great, because we are considering other places to live too. My boyfriend is looking for something interesting in Vancouver too, so any suggestion in the whole country is very welcome!

    @Ace-Connell @DanetteDraws
    I´ve looked at Sheridan too, and more than never i´m right that it´s the best option, but the tuitions for foreign students are so expensive and out of my bugdet that I think the investment maybe isn´t worth it 😞
    Even though, having an opportunity of going to disney, like Ace´s friend would be awesome and a good reward.

    Do you have suggestions of part time courses?
    I found a "Cartooning program" at Georgebrown college that seems to be interesting.

  • @kamiqueiroz Actually, I live in Vancouver now! Emily Carr university is the best arts school here. I did half of my graphic design schooling through Emily Carr and I highly recommend it. Most who attend are illustration or fine arts students I think.

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