Monster Sense

  • So after I got my degree in Art, I was in limbo for a long while getting in to teaching scuba diving and later I decided to get into teaching. I teach third grade at the moment, I'm trying to get an art teaching gig :P. Anyway as I have been teaching these 9 years I have had a lot insight into kids lives and early on I taught kinder, very young tots. I was inspired to do a book on the five senses, its one of the required subjects early learners have to learn about. Its a sort of rhyming story of the five senses seen through monsters. I have already finished the text, I am now making a book dummie. I am not going to post the entire thing but I thought it would be great to post some of the progress here and get some feed back.
    Thanks in advance for checking this out and any constructive thoughts.

  • These are all the initial conceptual designs and my working roughs and notes.
    Im doing the page layout and was to get an initial page sketch in soon so Im on spring break we'll see if I can muster up a picture or two.

    This was the very beginning, since I have put the story into PS and finished the text.
    12115722_1157160917644865_7829908547802883912_n.jpg 12115441_1157159670978323_5964415983915547819_n.jpg 12088350_1157160907644866_892082174897146591_n.jpg 12079623_1157160964311527_4405304904203937397_n.jpg

  • more doodles of monsters
    still searching for the right color treatment
    after watching the Photoshop demo with the dragon (Will's process for creating that image)
    I have some great tips now for going forward from here.
    Orange monster.jpg bluemonster.jpg Monster ball sktch.jpg

  • here is another one using a lot of alas selections and the gradient tool no lines
    not sure I like this one so much seems flat and my drawings depend so much on my line work i thought nah not worth it to lose it. monstercomp.jpg
    this one was using texture brushes and wasn't paying attention there is something wrong with the anatomy can you pick it out 😛

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