My First 3rd Thu (March)

  • Hi folks!

    I'm aiming to submit an illustration for March's 3rd Thursday. This will be my first time submitting. I've a couple of illustrations in mind (below), which I'm planning on doing a colour version of.

    Prompt: "Haven brought it to show and tell... even though she never got permission".

    My main line of foggy thinking at the moment is the composition. Do I change up the angle/perspective, have it sitting on a desk, add a few props in the background, etc?

    I'm also not planning on including Haven in the illustration. Any thoughts?


    Cardigan Pocket Creature-portfolio.jpeg

    Wind-up Time Creature-Blog.jpg

  • SVS OG

    Oh my! I love these guys!! I would add some kind of background, they seem a bit lonely being just a critter. The top one seems like it should be on a string like a balloon, and you could have haven't leading it to school if you did decide to add her. Great work!

  • @Katherine
    These are cute characters however they need some integration into the 3rd Thursday prompt. Maybe it's sitting on a desk in front of the class if you don't want to draw any other characters. I just feel it needs 'more'.

  • Thanks Lynn and Katrina, you're right - something to tie it in to the prompt more would help. I'm gonna get on that. Yay!

  • @Katherine your art is very unique and I enjoyed looking at your blog!!

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