March 3rd Thursday- WIP

  • Here's my take on the subject so far. Also some sketches I used to figure out what the desk and the teacher would look like. All feed back welcomed. show-and-tell-line.jpg sketches-1.jpg

  • Cool idea! ^^

  • Neat idea! You took the prompt and you flipped it. That is what makes this such a great idea. I would suggest making the flower a little bigger and more prominent. Also if you are going to color it, you can use the color to make the flower pop. I'm thinking everything is gray except the little pink flower. Again, great idea. Keep going with it!

  • Thanks guys. I was playing around with the flower size I was thinking what I was going to do with the color would make it a better focal point but maybe I could go a bit bigger with it. I'm planning on letting the color do a lot of work on this one. Everything in the background and the robots will be cool desaturated colors. And then on the flower I was going to make it white with a really warm center and a glow. Also the little girl robot I was going to go a bit warmer with her....maybe like the flower is magical? Filling her with life?

  • I think this might be finished now. It's always hard to tell if my monitor colors are true or not but I hope it reads well.Finished-Image.jpg

  • Zbrush sculpt of Haven's head turns. I want to make a few more pages using this character for my portfolio so I made this Zbrush sculpt to help me draw her from different angles. Haven-Head-turns.jpg