3rd Thursday WIP from first try to black and white

  • SVS OG

    How am I doing? The first one was colored, then black line, now pencil...next, if it's a good composition, I will do color. 12794486_10208145692533565_8451521725710678605_n.jpg Haven3.jpg Haven brought the baby without permission.jpg

  • SVS OG

    I think I like this one better.


  • Hi Marsha!

    I think this is a really nice image! I really like the characters faces, especially Haven!

    I have a couple of suggestions, I did a drawover, but I didn't have my cintiq with me (travelling for work) so I did it with a mouse... I hope it will still help but the drawing is extremely rough!

    Sans titre-1.jpg

  • SVS OG

    So putting the knees together on the teacher so that it seems more supported?

    I was kind of going for the look of having the girl lean back to support a huge baby with her body like she's about to drop him (that's what I remember it looking like when my 5 year old got ahold of her baby brother many years ago.) I shrunk the girl but kept the baby the same size as the first picture. I didn't necessarily want it to look like she was falling backwards though hmmmm.......I'm going to consider that.

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