3rd Thursday Haven

  • Decided to focus on trying to paint something well - you have all given me good advice and i think the close up might work better for the prompt - but i think in general the best thing for me now is to try to work with color and finish a painting - this will be my second painting i have tried to complete so little things are a struggle for me and i feel like i am not seeing things very well - for instance when i woke up this morning my monster just looked creepy somehow... not what i am going for - i think adding shadow to the side of his head helped though ... i need to redraw the school too i think before i start repainting it - if anyone has any painting advice please share - thanks 🙂Attachment-1-6.jpeg

  • Your idea is really unique. I really like the right image. The softening of the monster works well for me, especially in the face. I don't think he looks creepy at all, which I think is due to the fact that he seems to be holding the school carefully, tentatively. The wings help, also. They are more angelic and less demonic/dragonish. Looks good!

  • @Carrie Thank you Carrie! that really helps a lot to hear that - i was thinking i'd just missed his creepiness factor and was wondering if i should change his overall hue to something less human-ish and was thinking of adding things to him to make him less humanlike too- but i'll keep it now - ....right now i'm thinking i need to fix how his neck and back tie into his shoulder, redo school, tiny bit more detail in foot and maybe attempt to make the environment a bit more inviting - thanks you for answering my question really helped me move forward 🙂

  • The right one is great! I like the change of the monster as well and the way you handle the paint, he looks more like a gentle giant now.

  • @Naroth-Kean Thanks Naroth- that is good to hear!! - gentle giant was exactly what i was hoping for 🙂

  • @Kevin-Longueil I really like the later painting of the giant--he seems sweet. I love his innocent, curious facial expression. I have one suggestion I hope I can express clearly. I am wondering if something subtle could be done in the way the paint is handled to show how much farther back his leg is than his arms, especially the nearest arm. Maybe a bit of a blur or a cooling of the colors in the leg, or maybe making the arm outline a bit more crisp and distinct? Something like that might increase the sense of his enormous size. I have never painted digitally, but as I look at this picture that's what came to my mind.

  • @anthemsweet Thank you Anthemsweet - that is very good feedback - I'll work in pushing the leg back - I think you are right about cooling the colors down to do that - I think too that when I paint out the remaining dark lines on the leg from the initial drawing it may help too - thank you again for taking the time I really appreciate the help!

  • @Kevin-Longueil Wandered off into the weeds i think.... Trying to make his neck/shoulder look less human - neither version is finished but if anyone could give their opinion on which one of these looks better to them that would be great .. or if you don't like either one too 🙂 Attachment-1-6.jpeg Attachment-1-7.jpeg thanks for your help!

  • I think this idea is really really good. My ONLY critique is the school house appears cartoony if that makes sense. The monster is much more soft and realistic where as the school house is far more saturated and not soft at all. Looks like 2 different pieces. Great concept man!!

  • @johntatulliart Thank you John! - I agree the school house is not good - It reminds me a little bit of the "boring house" in Lee's visual story telling videos too - it is cartoony for sure - it is kind of a hold over from the initial drawing though - I worked on the environment today without too much success but I think I have settled on a style of architecture that will be better and less cartoony - thank you very much for the feedback - I really appreciate you taking the time!

  • I think it's a great idea. I got it immediately. So it's just a matter of execution - one of the hardest parts of illustration. It takes years and years sometimes for artists to figure this part out. "I have a great idea...now what?" ...

    I might suggest that you give your character a different look - instead of a specific naked Giant with wings and flesh tones - which I think generates lots of questions - where did he come from? Is he really naked? Do those little wings actually lift him? Where does he workout? etc. Perhaps answer some of those questions by focusing the story a little more?

    I could see him made out rocks, moss, grass - like the hills came alive - this way you do away with race, clothing, anatomy to some degree...

    I would keep the school simple however - we need to know what kind of building this is right away...which we do in this version...but John is right - the rendering is more modeled on the giant than on the school.

  • @Will-Terry Thank you so much Will - I'll put the stone texture back onto the giant from the first sketch and try to render the highlights and shadows a bit so it does not have the obvious overlay look that was bothering me - I was worried about the naked giant aspect too - whether or not he was too human and a bit creepy - I love the moss and grass idea ... maybe on his back and forearms and top of his feet ..... I love moss 🙂 Your advice to keep the school simple is a great help too - I've spent the last few days trying to generate a more interesting school....and the original simple idea keeps looking better to me - my main worry was that I was not hitting the mark with the prompt even though I felt it was an interesting solution - so hearing that you like the idea and got it is a huge relief and will let me focus on painting instead of changing my composition too much - Thanks Again!!

  • I really like him! He looks kind and curious - a bit puzzled perhaps? Very nice anatomy and cool consept. Can't wait to see how he turns out in the end 🙂

  • I love your take on the assignment. I think if your render the school house the same as the creature holding the house it might blend in better. The black chalky lines are just taking my attention away from the image over all.
    All in all it is looking great.

  • @Camomilla Thank you Camomilla!

  • @Bob-Szesnat Thank you Bob! - just started working on the school now using some hard edges to make it pop forward.

  • @Will-Terry Update with moss - started on schoolhouse - I wanted to thank you and Attachment-1-8 copy.jpg everyone else for their very helpful advice - even though i did not get a chance to integrate it all i really am very appreciative of the time folks take to share their thoughts - i think adding more to the landscape and more houses and all of the other advice is really good - but i am focusing on trying to get the painting part done as well as i can - maybe at the cost of a more fleshed out composition - if i can get the school dialed in i will be very happy - thanks again Will and everyone!!

  • Much better. It looks like the school house is apart of the same space as the monster/creature. Keep going 🙂