SVS and Instructors

  • I would like to personally thank you guys for such a incredible course, the content and quality of the information and skills training is superb. I am a mature dude who is coming to illustration very late. With the course and guidance you have supplied, I feel that I have a real shot at becoming a professional illustrator.

    Steve Young

  • Any favorite classes or sections in a class you particularly like?

  • Well that difficult to say, I think over all all the classes for top notch, though Painting Fur and Hair, How To Draw Everything and Illustrating Children's Books where notably good.
    I just don't have enough time to watch more 🙂

  • yeah so many classes to watch and I'm only half way on Illustrating Children's Book. I love creative composition and brushes so far. I'm going to try finish watching 10 steps photoshop painting later next week.

  • I am about to start the workbooks (i know lazy me) but I have been busy with other things.

  • SVS OG

    That's great to hear Steve. Thank you so much for the feedback!

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