March 3rd Thursday WIP

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    Lots of kid activity around this prompt and with the new trailer for Finding Dory being released that inspired me for my piece. About to start on the final lines.wip01.jpg

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    Also not in this sketch but will be in the final painting, Mr. Octo inks himself.

  • Wow!!! This is very original and unexpected! Great idea and nice composition! Can't wait to see more!

  • nice!! like to see it developed. creating depth to the scene will help. Making the shark a background object and way more massive..

  • Really cool piece!

    Maybe you can make the Octo's pupils in his eyes a lot smaller (like points or dots) to emphasize his fear and exaggerate a bit? Or on the opposite end of the spectrum, perhaps you could exaggerate the Octo's eyes and make it huge a lot like Tex Avery's cartoons.

    Looking forward to see where this illustration ends up!

  • I like it so far. One thing I notice is one of the octopus's tentacles is forming a line with the leash, and I think it's distracting attention away from Haven.

    Here I circled the one I'm talking about

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    @Damien-Rambacher yeap I caught at as well and plan on moving it so it is holding onto a coffee mug and have the coffee spilling out from him shaking.

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    Clean lines with changes all set - moving on to local color.wip02.jpg

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    I think this is a really cool idea. The one thing I would say is I'm not really sure the hard outline around the whole image is working so well. I would maybe think about instead of a solid outline on the ground and the coral hill behind the teacher. Maybe draw in a texture that fades out into the white background of the page instead of the solid line.

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    @Chip-Valecek Hey Chip i really like your take on the prompt - i also like the composition too - i thought i would share where my eye keeps getting stuck - for me the many variations to each line holds my attention - and the small embellishments too like the notch on the fin shape of each tooth - the other thing might be the belly of the really breaks of the flow of the gesture - i was wondering how it would look with longer curved lines and less variation to the line too - here is a quick sketch of what i'm talking about - Attachment-1-4.jpeg softening the variations of the line into a longer curve allows me to focus more on the focal point of the image - hope you don't mind the draw over - looking forward to seeing your next step!

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    @Kevin-Longueil - Thanks for the paint over I get what you are saying about the shark. I will tweak for an easier read and thanks for the paint over.

    @evilrobot My outlines never really stay once I render. They are more of a skeleton and usually get painted over.

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    A few tweaks to the line work and local colors done. Moving into first round of shadows. Not sure if I should change the colors of Haven yet... wip03.jpg

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    After local colors are in I go in with my shadows and highlights. Wash and repeat with darker shadows and brighter highlights. wip04.jpg

    Then I start to render those shadows and highlights over the line work.

    Once the render part is done I eraser any of the line work I feel does not need to be there and then I go in with final lighting and elements to make it pop. This is my final piece then.

  • This is great, love it!

  • Dude, hahaha, the inking is great. I really dig your piece. You did a fantastic job with the light rays on the floor. I'm coming late in the thread here but I have two things I'd like to suggest.
    1 - The rope around the shark's dorsal doesn't feel very secure and here is my thinking behind that comment. If the shark were to lunge at Mr. Octo the rope would easily slip off. Little fish guy wouldn't be able to pull on the reigns enough to stop the shark. I imagine it like a dogs leash, the usefulness is to stop the dog from attacking.
    2 - Labeling "No Sharks" on the chalkboard is spelling it out to the viewer too much. The story of your piece is very well done so let your readers explore and fill in the gaps.

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    @BradAYoo I had the same thought with the rope at one point, but not enough time to change that before Thursday. But removing the text on the chalkboard, that I can do.

  • Really nice Chip! The light and the way you did the sea bed is wonderful! Great expressions all around. 🙂

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