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  • . I've seen a lot of people bringing animals so I thought I'd mock up an alternative idea. I've got a list of other loose ideas that I'm going to sketch out but for now here is my first take.

    Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 4.06.13 PM.png

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    @Brent really cute concept! I did a quick draw over and added some size variety with the gorilla, baby, rabbit and elephant to add a bit more interest. I did big, medium and small. I think you can play more with the poses and make the gorilla more reactive and interactive also maybe try having the rabbit hold an oversize baby with arm stretched out for the class to see. Great start, hope that helps!


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    I'd say this still isn't working. The problem is that the size relationships and choice of camera angle make the baby and rabbit the smallest two things in the piece. So they get lost in there. Especially with the big gorilla teacher. Consider losing the teacher and rotating the camera to right behind the rabbit and baby so they are close to the viewer. That will make them way bigger and then the student animals will be smaller. The teacher can be there in the background too. Charlie is right on the money with thinking about the size relationships. But you have to get the emphasis on the focal point and gag first, then design around that.

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    @Lee-White Good call, Lee.

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