March 3rd Thursday... It's my first time to join...

  • Here is my idea for the March 3rd Thursday.... Haven is a young wildlife enthusiast, and she brings an elephant to the show and tell....
    show and tell.jpg

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    Cute sketch, maybe the sign said something more like "This way to School" or something like that. Maybe turn the girls head a little so she is looking in the direction of the sign pointing instead of the reader. Looking forward to seeing it completed.

  • I love the illustration and the idea. I agree that the sign should say 'To School' or something and that the elephant and the girl are looking that way. I also think it needs something more. You've got to tell more of a story. Make the viewer ask some questions. Add something that makes the audience ask where did the elephant come from? Why does this girl have an elephant? You could make it a circus elephant. Did she take it from the circus? Is she part of the circus?

    You can really push this idea further I think. Great idea though. Keep it up!

  • @Jay hi Jay, What a nice elephant! I agree with the others about the sign. Maybe give the girl a luchbox? Or you can do something funny with the elephant in that matter, like, he is carrying the lunchbox with his trunk? Nice illustration!

  • Thank you @Chip Valecek @dvandegriend @Leontine for your comments and feedbacks... I really appreciate your words...

    So what I did is make the girl smaller and add a boy in front that get shocked seeing an elephant on the way to school. My idea is that Haven is a little wildlife conservationist, that's why she brings an elephant. And the elephant is holding on his trunk a sign "Save the Elephants.

    Any thoughts about my changes is a big help 😃

    show and tell 6.jpg

  • I like your idea but is there something you could add to the girl to make you identify her as a conservationist? A safari hat? Clothing that a conservationist would wear? I like @Leontine idea of a lunchbox. The boy was a nice addition to the scene. Who is the girl looking at? You are doing a great job!

  • nice coloring skills. maybe instead of the bushes in the background you can do like Buses leaving the drop off..

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    I would maybe start legs/pants on the boy. Right now he sorta looks like a ghost.

  • SVS OG

    I think it's a really cool drawing and I like the idea of an elephant...I'm not getting that she's bringing it to show and tell though...To me I think there is just something really funny about bringing the elephant into the class room. You could even give the elephant some character like perhaps the elephant is scared to be in front of crowds...what would an elephant afraid of crowds look like standing in front of a crowd of children? How does the teacher react to the elephant in the room is he or she amazed, horrified, or just trying to protect their peanut butter sandwich from the hungry elephant's trunk. Again I think it's a wonderful idea but you're missing some amazing story telling opportunities.

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