Hey! Newbie here! :D

  • Hey guys,
    I´m Camila, from Brazil. I´ve worked as 2D artist for mobile games studios for a few years, but I never felt complete about my work. I love to illustrate projects that make a difference in people´s life, and I´m in love with Children´s book because it has a lot of storytelling and learning potential.
    Although i´m following SVS for a long time , I only has created enough courage to post here today after my friend Luisa Furukawa posted here her presentation topic. I always felt insecure about my english. Sorry about that and I hope you are understanding me well 🙂
    I was used to work with a realistic cartoon, with very simple composition and since this year started, I´m studying new kinds of painting and some artists like Emily Hughes and William Joyce.

    This year I´m taking the classes to improve myself and I´m loving them!
    Ill leave here some works I made at the end of this post and here is my online portfolio:
    ....and my Facebook page.

    Hope to exchange a lot with you! 🙂


  • Beautiful work, and I like what you have going on on your website! Welcome!

  • @Camila-Queiroz

    I did laugh loudly with the title "Nadistas & Tudistas". "Your own wolf" illustration is gorgeous as well the images you included in this presentation.

    It will be a pleasure to share this space with you.

    So, seja bem-vinda, Camila!

  • Pro SVS OG

    @Camila-Queiroz Welcome Camila. Your work is lovely. Loving your Wolf piece, too. You are coming through wonderfully, glad to have you here.

  • Beautiful!

  • SVS OG

    Welcome to the forum @Camila-Queiroz! Glad you finally found the courage to post, the more the merrier 🙂 Your work is beautiful!

  • Beautiful art, welcome 🙂

  • Your work is beautiful! No worries my English is worse lol

  • Pro SVS OG

    Welome your work is beautiful, thank you for sharing, please don't apologize for your language, I am only fluent in one, I am always amazed by people with multiple languages= thank you for sharing your work

  • Thank you for your kindness guys! 🙂
    I have taken a look at your works too and they are amazing! Your responses about talking english made me feel relieved. haha 😃
    It will be a pleasure to share this forum with you! 🙂 Can´t wait to see even more of your works!

    @Charlie-Eve-Ryan Loved you Ridding hood pieces too! Your lines are beautiful and so simple!

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