March 3rd Thursday WIP

  • Hello all,

    I've decided to join y'all and make a piece for March 3rd Thursday! 🙂

    So, I sketched it up, tweaked it around in Photoshop, and then rendered it in Illustrator. I've just gotten the tones down as well as the line art. So, how is everything in this piece? I pondered about adding a teacher in there but perhaps it's okay without? And how are the lines? More to come soon as I'm still working on this piece.

    Also, this was a great project for me to practice on my weakness in drawing in perspective. Did I nail it?

    Thanks everyone!


  • I can't offer any perspective advice, I struggle with the same :p But I really like your line-work, is it vector? 🙂

  • I think the line art is vector since the lines were done in Illustrator. Speaking of such, illustrator is really awesome for line art that makes everything crisp and easier to mark. After that, I would usually transfer my lineart over to Photoshop and color it there. You could also color things in Illustrator too but in certain styles especially if you're like me that is if you're more of a draftsman than a painter, I think. 😉

  • SVS OG

    I am so jealous of your linework!! It is awesome! The perspective is pretty good, the desks the girl is standing on are a bit off, but it may be just me. If you look at the lines in the ceiling, the desk is pointing to a different spot. Remember it's supposed to be a spot or vignette illustration too 🙂

  • Thanks for comment!

    AND thanks for the heads up about the illustration types for this project. That means I got to go back to Illustrator and tweak some stuff around like eliminating the background which shouldn't be too bad. So this alone should make the desk that the girl is on more convincing, hah. 😉

  • Hey Kevin! Great concept, line work, perspective and characters. However, I can't decide exactly what the girl is holding up. Is it a dead lion? (I don't see any claws or tail. In a strange way it reads as a unicorn too but without the horn. LOL) It doesn't read very clearly to me. Perhaps remove the desk in the foreground so the creature can have a clear silhouette. I look forward to seeing how this pans out!

  • Good job on perspective! Beautiful line work too! I agree with @katrina that I don't understand the concept fully...

  • Thanks guys!

    I think I might try another approach at this illustration and see if I can make it read even clearer. Also, I'm realizing that the lion is stiff in his pose, really straight for my liking. With that said, I'm going to tweak that as well.

    Anyways, I will be back with another update! 🙂

  • SVS Team SVS Instructor Pro SVS OG

    Hey Kelvin,

    Glad to have your pitch for 3rd thusday! We are getting so many people participating that it's really awesome!

    Some notes on this piece: I struggled when I tried to figure out what what happening here too. A couple of notes, if it is indeed a lion (I thought it was a horse), then having him be dead or asleep takes away the power of a lion in the classroom. A much more active scene might be funnier. Like maybe a rich kid brought in her pet (which she THINKS is harmless). Then once in the classroom the real nature of the lion is seen. Just a thought. It feels a little flat in terms of concept right now so that is the kind of things I'd be thinking about.

    Good luck and post some updates when you get a chance. : )

  • Hey Lee,

    I'm working on another approach to this piece as we speak, and I hope it's better. I'm also trying your idea and I like it! The one thing that I have to keep reminding myself is to draw the overall concept (or story) before the elements (characters, backgrounds, mood, etc). Of course the latter is important but I think drawing concepts first is when illustrations become stronger because stories doesn't get lost.

    Anyways, thanks for the comment, and I shall be back in a bit with updates!

    Edit: Actually, here's a really rough sketch that I came up with but I'll probably make a lineart tomorrow or so. I might consider adding "floating" childrens' heads as an audience that are reacting in fear for emphasis.


  • Okay, I had a chance to build upon the rough draft from above post a bit more. Just made a rough inking (although it has no tones added to this one yet, which I will get to) for this piece. However, I'm trying to nail the lion's face (especially his eyes), which I settled upon this version so far. An idea that I just had was that I might add the bodies to these kids and have them press backwards against the chalkboard along with the teacher (I'll adjust his body to make him act accordingly).

    What's your thoughts? Is the drawing okay?

    Thanks everyone!


  • SVS OG

    I like this one! You could have the kids climbing on each other to get away! Love the expression on the lion hehe

  • Thanks very much! I'm actually trying out your idea as we speak and I kind of like how it's turning out. And I'm revising the lion's head completely as drawing its head from the rear view is tricky!

  • Had some time to continue the illustration and came up with below. I decided to make some changes - from a lion to a cub, possibly removing the teacher and leaving in the students, etc.


    However, here's a version with a rough sketch, which is attached that I eventually would like my final piece to become. Before so, I'll add some clothes onto the students and whatnot.


    More updates coming soon! 🙂

  • SVS OG

    I like it! I like both versions, i think they tell a great story 🙂

  • Thanks! I have to really re-train myself how to really illustrate after growing up drawing only static characters in sketchbooks. Things get better when I began figure drawing but illustrating means that you have to think about the overall story, not just characters on a sheet. But this project allows me to train on this part and it's been great and fun! 🙂

    I'm wondering if the limbs on the kids are too long/exaggerated or should I leave them as is? Anyways, time to make some more progress on this piece!

  • @KelvinBurnett3 Hi Kelvin,

    I took a second to look at your upcoming 3rd Thursday work. I love the idea! I think you could simplify it for clarity. Sometimes it's what you leave out that helps your composition and clarity of concept. Personally it doesn't feel like "show and tell" if other kids are up at the chalk board. Also - it's really hard to develop your focal point wh6476567657.jpg en your two main characters are about the same size. It's almost always better to make one large and one small.

    Anyway - hope this helps,

  • Hey Will!

    Thanks a bunch for your reply! As for the illustration, I think I'm going to add onto this illustration by subtracting per your suggestion and keeping things simple. Also, to play with the contrast with the size of the characters (lion vs girl). With those said, thanks for the tips!

    I'll simply re-arrange things around a bit then I think this picture should finally click. Getting the concept down was pretty much 80% of the battle for me before proceeding onto the remaining 20% of illustrating it.

    Anyways, I'll leave this "draft" here before I'll re-arrange the illustration around. I think the background stays as is, move the desk (and make it bigger), and then re-arrange the characters.

    At last but not least, I'll be back with updates.


  • Okay, so after wrestling with above draft and changing things around, I think I'm restarting anew to begin the draft like the one Will sketched in above sample. I thought I could "recycle" the background (mainly floor and wall) and simply place the lion and the girl in there but I think I needed to start anew which was a better choice.

    Thoughts on the one below? I personally liked using the lion to "frame" the girl and the classroom and showing size differences all at once. Anyways, the sketch is really rough, so my apologies if it couldn't be "read" clearly. But I'll come up with a better render of it soon. 🙂

    PS. It's really interesting how I can see the "evolution" of the same illustration from post 1 to now and how everything has improved. I think doing more of these samples is really paying off. Thanks for pitching in with ideas, folks!


  • OMG is Haven a Lamb? If so I love the concept! lol. Great improvement composition-wise and I love the design of this lion.

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