Frog-tastic March 3rd Thursday

  • Here are my sketches for my March submission. I had this thought that if I was a kid today "What would I want to bring for show and tell?" And of course Ninja frogs was the best out of the bunch of ideas. I had a couple of thoughts on how Haven would conceal them using with either a lunch pale or backpack.

    All thoughts are welcome.


  • This is a fun idea! I like both versions, my only thought is there will probably be a lot of submissions with chalkboards in the background (a problem I'm trying to figure out as well). So try to think of other ways to show she's in a classroom?

    Also, it is awesome that they are ninja frogs and not just frogs.

  • SVS OG

    @BradAYoo Any chance these frogs are related to the "Hello my darling" frog?

  • I decided to combine what I liked from the two sketches. I am really enjoying the layers and perspective so I kept the drawing on the right and brought over the lunch pail. I also wanted to explore who Haven is so on the left are a few tweaks to each face and hair design.

    @bdyanne Thank you for the advice. I think its an easily identifiable set dressing for a classroom but I am totally not sold on the blackboard myself. I'm also thinking of a world map or some "famous figures" like Lincoln, Martain Luther King Jr, etc. type posters. I guarantee that tomorrow I'm going to pay a lot more attention when picking up my daughter from her 1st grade classroom.:D

    @shinjifujioka Lol, maybe a distant cousin, but they'd definitely be singing "Kung Fu Fighting"


  • SVS OG

    Ninja Frogs for the win!! Such a great idea!! You could do her hair in the little anime buns. Maybe she wants to be a ninja too!

  • @Lynn-Larson Ha! That would be a pretty good throwback.

    Below is a progress shot on the line work. Its coming along but there has been a lot of behind the scenes going on. I decided to dish out some dough and bought Kyle Webster's Ultimate pack (check out all his PS brushes, amazing selection for all art mediums) and downloaded a bunch of free pro brushes (2DCale, Sam Nielson and Mike Yamada have great ones). There has been a lot of trial and error, frustrating days and golden moments while working on doodles and sketches to figure out what look I wanted this piece to have... and if it fit within my goals too.

    Tonight I was able to sit back down and start tackling the lines and am really enjoying the process. Made my heart swell with my love for art again. I hope the rendering goes as well too!

    Comments are welcome, critiques are even better! Till next time


  • SVS OG

    Love love love that frog! I think it is great so far!

  • Great sketch so far!

    I would just change the pile of paper for something more "teacher's desk" classic... Maybe a name plate and a few scattered paper with grades on them ? Or a book ?

    Keep posting!


  • I adore this! More updates please!

  • Thanks for the kind words everyone! Working the rest of this today, I'll try to give updates periodically.

    @NoWayMe That's a good point, Don't want to give off that the teacher is negligent with all those papers to grade. 😃

  • This is really fun! I especially like the teachers expression. Like just a second before she had her head propped on her hand then out popped these crazy frogs! Love the girl, too. I also use Kyle's brushes. They are fun but like any tool it takes a while to figure out how to use them just right. Look forward to the final piece.

  • @Katrina-Fowler Thank you Katrina. I do try to figure out the mood/tone and explore options before finding an expression I like. I do have to admit the teacher's expression came out pretty easy this time, not usually the case though. :^)= For this piece I tried to limit myself on the number of brushes so I wouldn't go too crazy trying to manage what brush is for what.

    For anyone interested I used Pencil 4H for 90% and split between Pastel Palooza and Shady Graphite for the rest.

    I am still a bit terrified of color so any thoughts on what I did right or what I could do to improve would be awesome. Thank you all for the comments and help. Below is the final:


  • Great illustration!
    I especially like how you have stacked the light and dark values so that what's important really sticks out (the bright green frog against the blackboard, for example)! The image reads great, which is not easy!