Show and Tell Horror - March 3rd Thursday

  • My idea for this month!

    I like the second idea better (the spider escaped from the box) but maybe it's too far from the prompt ?! What do you think ?

    Capture d’écran 2016-02-23 à 14.20.22 copie.jpg

  • Pro SVS OG

    I love the one with escaped spider too! I think it's much more exciting. 😉

  • lol that spider idea is funny. I can imagine they would jump up the celling and hold to the fan haha.

  • Do you think I should include kids from the classroom ? I add another idea of having a bunch of kid and the teacher hiding behind a barricade of desk and chairs (one of the thumbnail), but I think maybe that's too much for a vignette and I should keep it simple... or maybe just show one or two kids ?

  • I like your low point of view and perplexed expression on your girl. I would try with a couple of can always revert back to the original idea if you think it's better.

  • I think it would be nice if you can show some frighten faces/running away that are about to go off the page.

  • SVS OG

    If you are going for the scare aspect, have her looking for the spider, but have it crawling on the teacher! Make him unaware, and the spider HUGE hehe

  • I really love the version of her looking for the spider! Very cute!

  • I like Lynn's suggestion, maybe the teacher could be looking around his desk nervously while the spider is crawling up his shoulder or something.

  • After a little more work on this, I came up with this version. It's still pretty rough, so the characters will look better (hopefully) I thing Lynn's idea of having the spider crawling on the teacher was great! The teacher is supposed to be looking under the desk for the spider... does it read clearly ?

    I think the teacher needs to be a little bigger, and Haven needs to be more in a front view so the spider would not be in her field of vision.

    Show&Tell - NGLandry1.jpg

  • I agree with all of your points. I love the kid with the slingshot!

  • Show&Tell - NGLandry2.jpg

    I also did this version!

    My wife didn't like the kid with the slingshot haha! So I got rid of him... I kinda liked him too!

    Which version do you prefer ?

  • Pro SVS OG

    I really like your composition and how the running kids are in the foreground Thank you also for sharing your process

  • Here is my "semi-final" sketch!

    I am planning to do this one in soft pastels, so I won't be able to change my sketch much once I start. Any thought on the drawing ? Perspective, concept, clarity, characters, anything! Thanks!!!

    Show&Tell - NGLandry4.jpg

  • I love this idea and you have done it so well. I laughed out loud, poor teacher.

  • @Janet_dibbydabby Thank you! Glad it made you laugh 🙂

  • SVS OG

    Awesome!! I liked the kid with the slingshot too hehe. Watch the line of site for your teacher when you do the looks like he's looking at the little girl right now. Love the spider on his back, I would make it even bigger hehe

  • Hahah @NoWayMe It´s great!! I´ve laughed about the teacher too.
    The only thing that I can observe from now is about the background sillouete mixing with the 1st plane characters. I understand that your idea was to make the characters running define the picture´s frame, but I feel that the wall´s value should be darker than the characters to pop them out. I made a sugestion about its format, because some regularity could improve the action of your comp. I know that doing this, The image will loose some space to breath but maybe resizing the cenario and characters inside it will solve.

    If you don´t like it, another suggestion I can do is to keep this format, but to smooth the edges with some watercolor or chalk brush.

  • Your process has been very nice to watch and I really like the final composition you've come up with. Goes to show these teachers are right when they say to come up with lots of ideas... So hard sometimes though! I agree in part that the silhouette is a little bit of a hard read at first. I see the foreground characters and want to study the shape before seeing the teacher. I think it can really work if you soften the spot outline and work your color to really make the focal point pop!

  • @kamiqueiroz, @bharris Thanks! Great comment, I'll keep that in mind for the outline. It definitely won't be this sharp or dark in the final image, I just made a quick outline to show the border but I haven't gave it much thoughts! I will try to do this one in soft pastels and the border will definitely be smoother!

    @lynn-larson Good observation! Maybe I'll have him look straight ahead like he is "stunned"... at first I tried to have his head turned and looking over his shoulder at the spider, but then it wasn't clear that he was looking under the desk and it just look odd to have him bent over...

    I'll try it with a bigger spider! 😉

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