March 3rd Thursday

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    so awesome!! The drool is a nice touch 😛

  • @natiwata

    I whas ready to say to you that I feel that something was wrong with the left arm of the girl when I did realize you did other versions. Well, I think it's still not resolved.

    The left hand palm of the girl its pointing upwards (forearm supination). When you do that, the radius and the ulna will be almost full rotated towards the left. Same thing will happen with the muscle brachial radialis. You can check in a mirror what happens with the line between the arm and the forearm in the position you are drawing. The current curvature of that line corresponds to a middle or full pronation, making instinctively feel that there are something wrong. In short: to me, the hand is "supinated" and the forearm is "pronated". It can't happens. In other hand, the whole girl gesture is hieratical.

    I love deformations as a descriptive strategy, like the strange position of the teacher's mouth that reinforce the facial expression. In the case of the baby, I think some features are not contributing to define the shape of his head, like the position of the left eye and the flat shape of the mouth. Even the can, a secundary object in the scene, was described more carefully and accurately. I mean, the baby face is surrounded by very well described objects and shapes, so its important to do the same thing or better with the main object in the scene: the baby itself.

    Hope it makes sense.

  • This is so great! I love your idea!

  • Great work, as always! You're line work in incredible, I have such a hard time doing line work!

    I'm really not sure about this, but maybe the baby is a little too big ? I know he is in the foreground but I still have the feeling that he should be a tad smaller.

    Also (but I think this is really a matter of personal preferences) the overall color scheme is maybe a little too saturated. I am looking at your other illustrations on instagram right now and one think I really liked about them was the more muted color palette (e.g. Stanley, the cute boy walking his crocodile, the fox hunter, etc.) The colors on this one, especially the bright red and the pink, are a little distracting. But again, maybe it is a matter of preferences.

    One last thing, two little tangents : the front flap of the back pack is just touching the side of the front pocket... and the pinky of the baby's right hand is right where the backpack strap (I don't know how it's called in english) attach to the backpack

    Hope it helps! Love everything else about it!

  • Yup! you nailed it! you can go on a holiday now!! i love this piece!! 😃

  • Love your idea and composition so much! 🙂

  • Expressions, energy, camera angle! Actually makes me giggle like the little girl is just SOOOO proud. hahahaha well done. Winner no matter what!

  • nice work!

  • @natiwata Hi Nat, I love this concept and your illustration. I know you're probably finished but the only things I would change is the size relationships of your characters. They are all about the same size which creates multiple focal points of equal value. Also I would cool down the shirt of the big sister to give more emphasis to the baby. Great illustration!347654756765.jpg

  • I love the pen and ink look of this! May I ask how you managed to get the texture of the paper to show up through the color? Did you use a certain transparency filter?

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    Thanks everyone for the great comments!

    @Will-Terry - Thank you for the feedback! I really like the way pushing the character sizes adds more visual focus on the baby and overall balance in the composition, great suggestion. I see what you mean with the shirt color too, I had thought about trying entirely different shirt/backpack colors , but this might be a much simpler solution, and the red does pop nicely.

    @nicklewis750 -Thanks, it was fun to do, and I found doing a pen and ink style much easier on the iPad Pro than on my cintiq. I took a real paper texture and did an overlay on top of everything at about 30% and the same one set to multiply at about the same opacity, but it will vary depending on the starting texture you use.

  • @natiwata Thanks for describing your process. Are you using Procreate on this?

  • Pro SVS OG

    I just love it!!

  • SVS OG

    @nicklewis750 Yes I use Procreate for everything on the iPad, it is hands down the best drawing app on the iPad!!! I added the texture in Photoshop though, but it would be easy to do in Procreate as well since you can use layer blending just like in PS.

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    Well, it looks really great! Very different from my picture with a baby in it.....looks so professional!

  • Amazing work!!!

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