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  • My first thought might not be to your liking. But I think the purple looks like a cheat. Like you just did a layer of purple over your previous piece, losing all that color you are more than capable of creating... I would lose the light from the window effect, and use the light from the laptop and the television, as if they forgot to turn them off.

    Then you could have deep shadows on the wall behind them, more believable color as well, and lose the light from the staircase. It really isn't the focus of your piece, so why illuminate it? The figures are great, the setting is great... You gotta do the hard work and really use a convincing light source and paint it out. Also I would space out the painting on the left away from the Home sign, it seems a bit crowded, nobody decorates like that. You could also make the one above the M smaller... think about making the cat a little larger too.

    Apologies if this was too blunt. Your day piece is quite good.

  • @Bobby-Aquitania
    all thoughts are welcome. thanks bobby.
    oh. the pictures and sign were based on a design I saw in a design magazine. lol

  • I think its good to use this technique because its quite hard to set your mind on night coloring. Its not cheating, it is using the tools you have. The other way of doing it right is using reference. Take a photo owith the colors that you like, and use the Eyerdropper tool. And then of course it takes a lot of practice, and thats what you do. i love the image. Wel done!

  • @Leontine
    Thanks Leontine. 🙂 I found out that a lot of guys at Pixar use this technique when creating scenes so they are able to show the same scene in different lighting setups. So I thought... if it's good enough for Pixar then I should try it. lol

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    This looks great. I love being able to see both versions. I agree about having the lighting come from the TV and toning down the warm light back there a bit.

    Really cool!

  • @Lee-White
    Thanks Lee

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