hi i'm new here!

  • This isn't my first post, but I didn't do any kind of introduction. So I thought I would do that now. My name is Ambria and I'm currently in high school in Washington. I have been doing art since I was a little kid, but recently I have really gotten into it. Especially drawing anime characters. 🙂 My favorite anime is My Hero Academia, but there's plenty of other ones I like if anyone wants to chat about it or give me any suggestions. I will also share some of my drawings from the past few months. These were all done before I started learning on SVS. These are all either anime characters or my own characters that I designed. If anyone has any feedback, too, that would be appreciated!



    ART 5.jpeg

    ART 3.jpeg


    ART 2.jpeg

  • SVS OG

    @ambria hello! Welcome to the forum

  • Hi, welcome! I can see improvement already in these drawings! ☺

    Since all of your characters are from the same angle you could try doing the gesture drawing course to get comfortable with more poses! I'm excited to see more of your work ☺