love is chivalry

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    hey there 3rd thursdayers!

    new to digital illustrating but pushing myself to get there.
    this is my sketch to february's 3rd thursday's prompt but looks like I'm not going to make it in time.. still would appreciate any comments or hints that i might be missing at this stage.

    am learning so much from everyone's beautiful artwork and hope to be one of the greats one day.

    thanks, and good luck everyone

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    @thuraya Cool concept about a robot helping mend another robot 🙂 At this stage, I think adding a couple elements to the bottom left and bottom right of the page would help make the image feel more complete. As it stands, it feels sparse compared to the rest of the image especially since there is a loy of detail in the robots and the buildings. Looking forward to seeing updates!

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    Great image so far! I love the concept, and i hope you take it to finished! I would crop the piece to the robots, and put a building behind them, or bring the two together 🙂 I can't wait to see more!!

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    Love the concept, I am working on a piece also that will miss a deadline-the important thing is we are creating and adding pieces to our portfolio, thank you for sharing!

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    Nice concept here!

    I agree with a few of the other comments. The overall idea is good, but you may want to experiment with a few other layouts and compositions before going to finish. Think about the setting here. Since they are robots, would the setting be a tad different than a couple of regular stores? Maybe there would be more of a steam punkish type environment if the citiy's inhabitants are robots?

    looking forward to seeing what you come up with! : )

  • o my god thank you all!
    am humbled by your interactions.

    happy the concept was liked and thanks for the positive feedback and helpful suggestions.

    definitely will tackle the environment next.. was kinda avoiding details but seems like I always trap myself in it.

    am definitely too slow for meeting deadlines but hope to become faster and more experienced by keeping at it without cutting corners. thanks for cheering me on to continue this piece to its finish and to develop further my portfolio.
    best of wishes.
    special thanks to teach Lee white for stoping by.

    will update progress.

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