Hey! I'm Tim the beginner....

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    Welcome! I think we all feel like beginners sometimes. I illustrated a book a couple of ears ago for a friend who kind of self-published it. That was before i knew what I don't know now 🙂 If you know what I mean. I'm pushing 60 and I still have a lot to learn. I am trying to learn by making a book so I can make more now-the right way. I find it very challenging to find the time needed to redo so much but, slowly but surely. I'm not too confident that I could do well digitally so I stick to what I know. I see lots of potential in your drawing and I think you've come to the right place! Keep up teh good work and I look forward to seeing what else you have 🙂 What's the name of your book?

  • Hi Tim this is a great place to post your work.

  • Hi Tim, I'm new as well 🙂 I do NOT think we ever get to old to create or have progress. At least that's what I tell myself, being four-five years younger than you 😉 No, honestly, I can see progress in my own work now that I've intensified my efforts, and there's nothing really special about me. I like the expression on your owl 🙂

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    Hiya Tim! You better not be too old, I'm only 2 years behind you! Welcome to the art party 😃

  • Hi Tim,

    Good to have you here! We get told all the time how difficult it is to learn new things once you're past a certain age, but I don't think that takes into account the wisdom that age can bring with regards to having a smarter approach to learning. I didn't start in my teens or twenties either (about to turn 33), but I feel like I'm making solid progress. The best advice I can give is to focus on the fundamentals and never turn down a chance to deepen your knowledge of them even if you feel you already have a solid grasp. Beyond that, just get lots of mileage (that is to say....draw). These two things make a world of difference.

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    There are no age to learn to illustrate. So, wellcome 🙂

  • Thanks for the welcome everyone!

    I just need to put in my 'mileage' The problem with me is that I get impatient and want to be done. Well before its done I know.

    I was thinking of one of those sketch-a-day things to give me ideas on what to draw an keep me motivated. Are there any good ones out there?

    Like I said, my book's artwork is really bad, but it was fun to do with the kids. Here's the link to the amazon page. http://amzn.to/1Thxy8C

  • Welcome Tim!

  • Hi Tim, Welcome!

  • 1st of all, welcome Tim! You're going to love it here - everyone is incredibly supportive and helpful of each other.

    2nd of all, we're all at different stages of development and we're all here to learn - from the teachers and from each other. Don't ever feel intimidated about posting here - you'll get so much helpful feedback and information, along with a good dose of encouragement from everyone.

    3rd, I just started drawing 5 years ago and I'm 44. You're never too old to learn or to follow what you're passionate about! Assuming we're not hit by a bus, you and I probably have a good 40 years left here on earth, so I'd say that we're still young enough to find & enjoy our creativity! And as an aside, I believe Van Gogh was almost 30 when he started teaching himself to paint (and he was self taught).

    You said you're looking for a sketch group - there are a couple that I'm a member of that are really helpful. One is Illustration Friday and the other is 52-week Illustration Challenge on Facebook. Each of them has a weekly prompt and then everyone posts their resulting drawings. Nothing is going to help you more than practice and these groups definitely help with that. Here are the links:

    52-Week Illustration Challenge group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/illo52weeks/

    Illustration Friday: http://illustrationfriday.com/

    Have fun here!

  • Thanks amberwingart- I joined the 52 week group! Looks like fun.

  • Hello Tim! Nice to see you here! It's never to late to learn. 🙂

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