Steff's Sketchbook

  • This thread will be the main place I put my sketches and studies. I'll start with recent stuff within the last few months. For now I'll mainly be posting watercolor field sketches and general studies, as well as digital studies as I go through the classes. I'll also post about resources, supplies and ideas I find helpful... maybe they'll be helpful to someone else as well 🙂

    One of my biggest struggles with art has been not doing the work. I need to get in a lot more mileage, so at the end of last year I got in the habit of bringing my field sketching set everywhere to draw whenever I had a chance. Eventually I want to do narrative illustration and begin to do full compositions, but in the mean time I just want to get in the habit of just doing something, anything, as I get the hang of various mediums and basic art skills.

    Thoughts and critiques are welcome! I can take it and my art needs it. My philosophy with art is to view myself as a beginner no matter what stage I'm at and how much I learn. While I might not try every piece of advice, I'll consider everything I read and see how it can influence my future sketches.

    I'll start with the first three pages of the notebook I started in December. Want to see if my image sizing is working...

    The very first page:

    This one felt a bit heavy handed with the paint, mainly the sky, but I like the overall feel of it:

    Trying to be a bit looser:

  • Next three pages.

    I really like how the left one turned out:

    Trying to depict the haziness of the rain coming over the peak... it kinda worked?:

    I like doing these small square studies, they're less intimidating to me. They are roughly 2" x 3":

    More to come!

  • These are beautiful! You're great with the environments, textures & colors - I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  • SVS OG

    They look beautiful!

  • Pure admiration for those who venture into watercolours! These are very nice, especially the loose double-spread - colours work very well together and it has a great feel to it 🙂

  • SVS OG

    @Steff really enjoy seeing your studies - they are quite beautiful and along with the watercolor I think your ink and line work is also very well done and adds lots of interest!

  • Thanks all! I really appreciate the comments 🙂

    Right now I feel comfortable enough when I can use the ink to define things, so often I'll start with the line work first and then paint. But I've also tried to paint first and see how far I can take it with just watercolor before adding the line work to finish. I really like how the ink and watercolor look together, but I don't want to have to rely on it either. Anyway, one step at a time 🙂

  • A few more...

    A hawk landed on a tree as I was sketching and stayed just long enough for me to get in some quick lines.

    Trying out some indoor sketching. I still feel a little awkward looking around and sketching people though...

    Will need to work on water and reflection!

    This one is just... chunky... but the branches were good negative space practice.

    Trying out more vibrant colors, and tried to convey the bigger mountains in the background with washed out color.

    I recently watched one of Mark Taro Holmes's sketching videos and liked the way he draws bushes, so I tried it here. He also had some good advice about adjusting the color every time you dip your brush so you get some natural variation.