Mentorship with Giuseppe Castellano

  • Hello, I'm planning on signing up for the 3-month mentorship with Giuseppe Castellano, I would like to hear reviews of this program if anyone has had experience with it. How beneficial is it, how does the program run?
    Are there any other good mentorship programs for a short-term period?

  • I've no idea about mentorship but I wanted to say that your work on instagram is really good.

  • I have only heard great things about him, but nothing specific to the 3-month program. I'm mired in a long term project, but someday I'm planning to get his help (probably multiple times) through his picture book review.

  • Hi I took the 3 month mentorship! It is one of the most worthwhile courses I have ever taken and Giuseppe really tailors the course to what you need help with.

    I was struggling with finding a style and making my work look more professional. I also wanted to start querying agents.

    He guided me in directions that were working and critiqued a handful of pieces each time we met. At the end, he helped me clean up my portfolio and write my query letter. 6 months (or so) later I signed with my agent.

  • Hi!
    I did the six month mentorship with Giuseppe and I CANNOT recommend it enough. It is super tailored to you and what you want. My art grew so much over those six months and I learned so much about agents. I also almost completely redid my portfolio in that time. I think the SVS classes and Giuseppe’s mentorship are the dream combo. I start querying to agents next week- so we’ll see how all of that looks in the real world- but I would definitely recommend him to anyone. My only recommendation would be to choose a three or six month period you can really commit to get the most out of it.

    Good luck!

  • @Katie-Kordesh Sounds wonderful! Your art style is lovely, I have a couple of questions regarding the mentorship, can I dm you on instagram?

  • @Navya-Raju thank you so much!! Of course ☺☺️ Happy to help with any q’s

  • @Annaaronson Omg! sounds wonderful, I'm super excited to start. Share your inta or online portfolio. Would love to see your work.

  • @Navya-Raju yeah!
    It’s 🙂

    I looked at your stuff too! Super cute!! I really like how you use colors and how you don’t shy away from complex images!

    Let us know how the mentorship goes!!

  • @Navya-Raju I’m almost done with the 6-month mentor ship with him and it is the BEST thing I’ve ever signed up for, I can’t recommend it enough. Throughout the time I polished three full dummies, redid my portfolio, revamped my website, and got an agent!! Honestly it’s the best money I’ve ever spent, it’s been a really great experience.

  • @Annaaronson All the best, you’re work is really good, I’m sure you will have multiple offers from agents.😊 Thank you, I’m excited to start my mentor ship.

    @Kerisa-Greene wow, this is amazing and very productive. I’m signing right away, I’ll update here once my mentor ship starts. 😊

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