Camomilla doodles, draws and sometimes swears

  • @Bobby-Aquitania Thank you for taking time to do a paint over - I did NOT see that! When I look at my construction /early sketch the shoulder is not that rounded at all, so this happened when I was doing the lines. This will definitely be fixed tonight 🙂

  • @Lynn-Larson Thank you for the encouraging words 🙂 The shoulder will get some love tonight - or sooner 🙂 We're celebrating both mother's day and valentines in Norway today, so I'll have to squeeze it in between cake and take-out dinner 😀

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    @Camomilla I can't wait to see it 😃 mmmm...cake lol

  • So, a little love for the shoulder - I acted on Bobby's suggestion and let the left braid cover the shoulder. I also added some smeared make-up - I think it really accentuated her eyes. But now I think HE needs to pop more from the background. Or maybe not?

  • Some more Moleskin Bean&Stick-people. People moving/action-poses are challenging for me. I'm not happy with Bodybuilder-Bean's left leg and arm. Need to do more of these, I think 🙂

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    @Camomilla I love these bean/stick people - I honestly think they are amazing characters on their own. Just add in some faces and you are really into something here! So interesting and clever!

  • @Rich-Green Thank you, making them is a lot of fun 🙂 I'm facing some difficulties though, I keep trying to undo and zoom in :p Guess this means I should give traditional mediums more attention 😅

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    Shoulder looks much better! i like the make-up as well! I think if you up the saturation on deadpool he will be fine 🙂 Awesome work!

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    @Camomilla said:


    The Bean&Stick-people are amazing!
    It's great to meet another Jazza fan! I've bought his set of photoshop brushes and they are just awesome. 🙂

  • I am amazed at how much life you have given to you ''stick" people. Wow!

  • Thank you @Lynn Larson, I like the shoulder much better now myself. Spent an hour or so going over Deadpool yesterday and will post an update tonight 🙂

    Thank you @mag 🙂 Draw with Jazza is a very good channel imo - he's both entertaining and a good teacher. I also watch Marydoodles - she does amazing watercolor and ink-paintings. Lately I've been binge-watching both Jake Parker and Will Terry as well, so my TV has gotten no attention from me in ages 😃

    Thank you @stacilyn - I came up with these when my husband drew a stick-figure on an envelope a couple of days ago. It was a regular stick figure, with straight limbs and a stick body, but the figure was smiling and holding a cigarette. I began to wonder how I would have depicted the same stick figure to give it some gesture and body-language. The next day it was clear to me that it needed a bean body and head to express rotation and orientation, and so it came to life 🙂 It's funny what little things can spark your creativity and how seemingly pointless stuff can be a great inspiration. It never seizes to amaze me.

  • By accident I seem to have duplicated my line-art layer, but I think this is one of those "happy accidents" that I think I'll keep. Somehow the whole image got more intense, and I think the lighter background and highlights on Deadpool make him stand out enough. I think. Bah, it's really hard to declare somethin "finished", but I think I'm nearly there. I'm afraid that if I keep going in and cleaning up lines and stuff, I'll ruin the dark/scruffy look I tried to create to begin with.


  • After a little touch-up in Photoshop

  • And one where her outline is a bit duller

    At this point I feel that all I do is pick at insignificant stuff - maybe it's time I submitted this :p

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    I think it looks great! Good luck, and let us know how you do!!

  • Thank you, I'll submit tonight 🙂 I don't have any hopes of winning anything - these contests have A LOT of entries, and many of them very good. There's two categories; Open and Beginner. Not sure if mine is up to the Open category, but I don't feel like a total beginner either. Oh dear. Wish there was an "experienced beginner"-category 😂

  • I've had a bad shoulder for a couple of days, so the day before yesterday I didn't draw at all. It's a bit better now, so I relentlessly continue with my 100-day challenge and decided it was time to work on more action-packed poses. Being a childish adult that loves superheroes and dinosaurs, I decided a dino would be appropriate, now that I've just done a superhero-piece. I saw one of Jake Parkers Sky Heart-illustrations, with an armoured dinosaur chasing his main character, and I just loved the movement and action in it. I tried to see if I could do something similar from imagination, but I see a lot of room for improvement on this 😕 It should have it's mouth more open, and perhaps a more tilted body (to the left)?

    Since I have to take it a bit easy with my shoulder I didn't do more than this rough construction last night, but I'll definitely try and get a couple of hours of sketching in today. With lots of breaks.

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    He has excellent movement! Sorry about your shoulder, hope it heals up quickly!

  • @Lynn-Larson Thank you, the shoulder/arm-thing have been bugging me for years. A physical therapist told me it was going to be a problem as long as I work 8 hours a day in front of a computer. Being a graphic designer who produces every day, this is unfortunately inevitable, I think. But I still need to do some things for myself, even though I probably should give arms/shoulders a rest during my spare time. I like to knit as well, but this is almost impossible. However, the glass surface on my drawing pad is actually less strenuous - I've been able to do a LOT more sketching than if I had just used pencil and paper 🙂 Hopefully I can work on my drawing techniques to relieve some of the strains 🙂

    So far today I've been making this. Well, actually a lot more that looked completely silly, so I'll only be posting this. Still VERY rough, but I think this is the direction I want to go in 🙂

  • Started colouring. Very difficult - I've gone up on image-size to be able to work more detailed. But this means sacrificing almost all the layers. Only three layers to work with, and really nerve-wrecking to try to colour this. I'd like a water-coloury look, but I migth change my mind. Perhaps he looks better with more saturated colours 🙂

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