My May Art Contest Entry

  • I wanted to share my May Art Contest piece before posting it. I'm really happy with this, each frame took me about a day to create, and I spent another few days coming up with the compositions and script etc.

    I'd like so see if anyone can guess why the text in the first frame says "b'aaah'd" and why the name of the last character sheet says "Ehhd" :).

    Unfortunately the text turned out a little blurry due to the template size. I originally created it a 300 dpi where it was really crisp but unfortunately I had to scale it done to upload it in order to meet the file size requirements. If anyone has a solution to this before the deadline I'd very much appreciate it !




    This prompt was perfect timing for me as I was already planning on putting a graphic novel pitch together without having any experience in this area. This was the perfect opportunity for me to practice.

    If anyone can give me some feedback on the comic strip and advice on the blurry text, I would greatly appreciate it. - I also tried a bit of animation for the first time. It was really fun. Thank you @lizardillo and @ajillustrates for the book suggestions, I can't wait to continue studying from them !

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