May WIP - Does this read okay?

  • Hellooo!

    Does this read okay? I am wanting the giant goblin to walk towards the viewer, but I am not sure if it's reading well. Any tips?

    Thanks for any advice!


  • @Jess-Weaver I think it looks like it is walking toward the viewer. You could show the bottom of the forward foot to show that it is about to tak a step (heel on the ground, but the toes off the ground), but I am not sure if you need to do that. I read what you wanted the goblin to walking toward the viewer before looking at the illustration, so I am not sure I was influenced by that or not. I like the style.

  • @Kim-Rosenlof Thank you for your help! Maybe I should rewrite the intro so I don't sway the opinion lol. Good idea about the forward foot. I will play around with that! I am trying a new style for this prompt. I am always all over the place!

  • @Jess-Weaver I am stunned looking at your work because I have been working on something that looks almost exactly the same! I can’t believe it! But I did do the giant taking a step, having one foot in the air lifted. Not sure if I should change mine or just go with “great minds think alike!”. Your drawing looks awesome though!

  • @e-watson613 haha great minds! I can't wait to see yours! I love your style! I'm still trying to figure out how to "push" mine a little more. I feel it's missing something...

  • @Jess-Weaver nice sketch!

    Depending how you handle it, the tree could present a problem -- your values will be important.

    Yes, I kinda see what you mean about feeling that something is missing. It might have something to do with most of the right half of the composition being forest "filler". But for me, I think it's the story. Is your character hiding? But they've got a very determined expression on their face, so are they getting ready to do something? Where is the tension?

    What if you played with shapes, giving the goblin a bulkier, larger shape so he appears more menacing? Or brought him closer to heighten the sense of peril? What if you change the main character's pose or expression--making it more obvious how they're going to act?

    Just some thoughts. Looking forward to seeing you progress on this!

  • @Jess-Weaver thanks so much! I always try to think about someone wondering what will happen next. Like drawing the picture so that its on the brink of some action taking place and you just can’t wait to see how it unfolds. Can’t wait to see how yours turns out!!

  • @Melissa-Bailey-0 Thank you so much for the help! Such good feedback and gives me lots to think about! I was trying to build tension with the expression; like the elf is going to fight to protect but I don't think I have pushed that story enough in the sketch. I have some work to do 😉

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