To the moon

  • Hi Naroth, just wanted to comment and say your latest are beautiful! I love the graphical yet painterly approach you have in these. The contrast of color on the fox in the dark woods pops, and the perspective shots are looking really good. The texture is pretty awesome too. Keep up the great work!

  • Thanks a lot Sean.

  • These are in progress, I feel like my composition is getting redundant. What do you guys think?

  • I am so in love with this! I'm assuming the story will go in the open spots, so the composition is fine to me. I love the style, the color, and the fox just makes me happy! I really hope you pursue this, i know I want a copy on my bookshelf 🙂 I'm struggling with the first picture of the eagle though, and it is probably just me. I think it is the perspective change.

  • Your style is just lovely! Such graceful images.

  • @Naroth-Cow Oh wow! Your work is absolutely stunning. The shapes, colors and texture come together to great such breathtaking floaty imagery. I really like how you create implied shape, especially in the skies, with large areas of color. And the fox speaks so clearly, with such simple gestures, especially in the second image of the first set.

    The only think I could even think to add that might be useful to you is that on my first read of the third image (with the fox in the trees), I mistook his tail for his head, and it threw me off for a second.

    But, wow. Breathtaking. Thank you for sharing these as well as the illustrations from before SVS. Very inspiring to me.

  • @Naroth-Cow re: your question about redundant composition: Looking at your work, I'm seeing lots of different camera angles, close/far shots, etc.

    But if you'd like to push it further-- Have you done a mock-up of the full book to see how one page flows into the next? This might help you see where/how/if to add variation. You might also try some illustrations that aren't full bleed spreads and see if anything comes of it.

  • Wow thanks a lot guys! that has helped a lot.
    @Maile McCarthy, thanks for the tips, I'm going to lay them down and see if they flow nicely.
    This is exactly want I need to make them better.

  • They have turned out really well, love the colors.

  • This time I gave my fox a bit fur stroke. I don't know I always give each scene a name It helps me when I sketch and put everything together.

    "Losing Hope" (in progress)
    giving up copy.JPG
    "Help the shiny" (in progress)

  • @Naroth-Cow Wonderful! I fall in love with your pictures! The colors suits the mood and you made the right choice with the fur texture.
    The bird is a bit lost on the background (like the fox in the 2. picture). You can brighten up the sky to highlight the silhouette, respectively shade the trees and fox. But that's the only thing to point out.

  • Thanks for the input @Fabienne, i'm going to make some change now 🙂

  • "Golden Shell"
    is my turtle too creepy? I have been told my illustration is a bit creepy back in graphic school before I dropped, and they wanted me to change it. I was so sad because I don't know how to change myself.

  • @Naroth-Cow Hi Naroth, The illustrations are so beautiful. I think that you have to many details in your turtle's shell, and the grass surrounding it. If you get rid of them, it brings the character out more. Is that helpful? Kepp up the good work!

  • @Naroth-Cow Just beautiful. They read extremely well. without any text you can see what the narrative of the piece is. Looking forward to seeing others. Have a great day.

  • Thanks a lot @Leontine Gaasenbeek and @Peter Jarvis, I really appreciate the feedback.

  • @Naroth-Cow Your welcome!

  • @Naroth-Cow This work is gorgeous because your personality shines through. It would be such a loss if someone convinced you to take your personality out of it!

    I don't think the turtle is creepy, just less dreamy than the rest of the illustration. I agree with Leontine that it may just be too much attention on the turtle relative to the rest of the piece. I think you could keep the detail but dial back the contrast (more in line with the turtle detail in Help the Shiny).

    The turtle's gaze also might be making him look a little aggressive. Maybe you could soften him a bit by changing where he looks.

  • thanks guys I went to fix a bit in other piece I finished yesterday, and yes I see the outline of the turtle was a bit too harsh compared to the fox. You guys are awesome!

  • Great color use!