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  • Howdy!

    Does anyone have advice for finding art directors/buyers for sending post cards to? I remember hearing LinkedIn and Twitter being of use to find directors but I'm not active on either. Currently I'm googling ad agencies in my area, Minneapolis, and just collecting addresses, bc I can't find too many names.


  • It might be beneficial to try to get active on LinkedIn at least, if your goal is to start sending out postcards. It's not an end all/be all, but it's another resource to use. That will also help actually put specific names to agencies, rather than just relying on Google for addresses. The more you can personalize who you're sending stuff to the better.

  • Hi!

    SCBWI's "The Book" has agents and publishers directories and it is updated every year. It's available to members only as a free download or $10 for a paperback book.

    You can also check out the websites of publishing houses you want to submit to -- on their submissions page they often list the specific person to address in your submission. Usually, for illustration submissions, it's the art director.

    You may also want to check the website on whether or not editors and art directors are still working from home, as most of the publishing industry has done during the pandemic. So many have not seen postcards that have been sent to the offices this past year.

    Just a few ideas. 😊

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