Harry Potter - WIP

  • Recently I haven't had so much motivation to work on my own art, due to lack of time and trying to find enjoyment in painting after doing regular work art. To combat this I felt I needed a project to work on that would focus on improving areas in my work that I feel need improvement. One of those areas is to have more expressive characters. To keep myself motivated I chose to work on illustrating characters from a movie series I love and if things go well then I'll expand to other movies. Inspired by Craig Davison and Will Terry's own superhero kids I want to have regular kids in homemade costumes playing the part of their favorite character.

    I sat down in Starbucks for a few hours and scribbled some thumbnail ideas and then refined those down. I've found that I can really get a lot more out of my work by starting out on paper rather than digital, so it will hopefully be a good step forward for other work. I have about 8 characters ready to go and another 2 or 3 I might add to the list later.

    181347221_10157659174120855_614572502018386085_n.jpg 180656801_10157659174165855_4693982053002584872_n.jpg 180997909_10157659174210855_967674816353998710_n.jpg 180599418_10157659174265855_5356301021765349830_n.jpg

  • I figured where better to start out than the main character Harry Potter. Once I transferred the image and drew over it (1) I began painting. At first I wanted everything to be quite subtle (2) but I didn't like how things were going and started over. With the Griffindor colors being yellow I wanted to focus on those colors, but the end result lacked impact (3). I was happy enough with the painting of the character, but I wanted to improve the background and add a bit more atmosphere (4). It's not the most original of paintings, but i'm pleased with the first piece and it will help as a guideline for the other characters.


  • @Gary-Wilkinson These are very well done. Amazing. They look extremely professionel to me. No critique here except great work

  • Well done @Gary-Wilkinson! Looking forward to seeing the others!

  • I love this interpretation of reimagining children’s book characters! It really captures a child’s imagination and the way kids play.

  • Nice! The only thing I’d say is that the glasses lenses feel stuck to the face and a little too matte. I haven’t taken it yet, but Will’s class about drawing different textures might help you get the right sheen. And I think some sort of shadow beneath the lenses would help distinguish that they are on a separate plane. Hope that makes sense. The hairclip also looks like it’s right on the part of her hair right now, not like it’s holding hair out of her face, which is a little bit confusing. Other than that, it’s a great piece. Love the dramatic lighting. It really feels like she/they are in their own little world.

  • They are absolutely wonderful! Very well done. Can’t wait to see more!

  • @Asyas_illos I LOVE this! I want to get to this level of painting!

  • @Janette you probably meant @Gary-Wilkinson ☺️ I wish I was at this skill level!!

  • @Asyas_illos Oh Maaaaaaaaan! I'm failing here at my forum game!

  • @Janette haha no worries!

  • @Gary-Wilkinson So, fantastic! I love seeing all the steps you've taken to get to the final image and hands-down #4 definitely has the most impact. So fun, I can't wait to see what you do with the other characters.

  • Thank you for all the comments. I hope I can expand more on these and I really appreciate your critiques

    @cianamacaroni good points. I was going to put the hair clip in more correct position but it felt like it looked better to the side. I should have asked my wife about where is correct though 😛 also I see what you mean about the glasses, maybe needs more of a touch up

  • Started work on the Voldemort character and my original plan was to have him hold a flower that was falling apart to refer to his wand in the last movie. However, it doesnt feel like it fits the painting well and doesnt have much in common with the Harry painting. Im thinking to perhaps take out the flower and add a hose pipe that is spraying water. Any thoughts on that and the color choices for the painting?

    Voldemort changes.jpg

  • I so admire all your work. It brings a smile to my face. The joy and thoughtfulness you put into each painting is so contagious.

  • Hi @Gary-Wilkinson, looking good! Actually, I kinda prefer the flower wand over the water hose, but both look cool. Perhaps a magenta background for added tension??

  • I agree with @Jeremy-Ross the flower has something more magical too it, and a little ironic I guess cuz he’s supposed to be a baddie?

  • @Gary-Wilkinson I like the hose better, I think it has a much stronger relationship to the Harry image with the umbrella dripping water, I can totally imagine the duel they are having, lol. The flower idea is super cute and maybe can be used for one of the other characters. I also really like the colors, dark and moody violet, I think it works well with the character. Can't wait to see this one done!!!!

  • @Tiffany-Thomas ooh I didn’t make that connection, good call!

  • @Gary-Wilkinson Such a wonderful piece! 😃 I noticed his sleeve wasn’t resting/draping on his arm, is this intentional?

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