Getting and Receiving a Critique

  • I created this video at the request of Nat - thanks Nat - I hope this's my advice on how to help eachother!

  • Thank Will! Awesome advice, and I actually feel really good after watching the video. We are very lucky to have this forum where people are helping each other out. Than you.

  • @Will-Terry I'm glad you clarified half way through that you didn't think these were actual current problems with the forum, because to start with I was thinking 'but I don't recognise these problems! Our forum is a lovely constructive place!'...but it did all balance out/make sense by the end of the video.

    My main thought process when writing any sort of critique is to try and write in the way I would wish to receive one...and I think that goes for most people here. I mean, you're putting a little piece of your soul into each piece of art...if someone were to just tear it down it would be awful. I think we're all aware of how much constructive comment, and specific helpful (but optional!) suggestions can make a difference. There's a great bunch of helpful and positive people here, which is why I like it 🙂

    And always, always the person receiving the critique - it's their art, they can choose to take it wherever they want. Sometimes if I don't follow someone else's suggestion about my art, it might not be that I disagree - usually I do agree but sometimes it's just for practical reasons - eg not enough time before the deadline, I'd have to start again and in those cases I try and remember the lesson/suggestion for the next time I do a piece.

  • I think Will should be critiqued for the critiques he gives, then I think he should receive those in a second private forum, where he can't be critiqued for not responding to those critiques.

    That video did address some of the problems I was having. It's not easy getting critiqued sometimes when you think the person doesn't understand you. And it's hard to give a critique to someone you know didn't use any of the previous critiques you offered, so you stop critiquing those people, because artists are a funny bunch.

    It all depends I think on who they are comfortable listening to... I am much more receptive to taking a critique on Comic Art from Jake, but this Will Terry fellow acts like he owns the place, so I gotta listen to him too...

    All kidding aside, thank you Nat and Will for helping us once again.

  • Thank you Will! I love waking up in the morning and having a new video to work to, always helpful and inspiring!

  • @Bobby-Aquitania I dig your humor Bobby! 🙂

  • I'm guilty!

    Like in any normal conversation, sometimes I give a "dark" sugestion in order to get the "owner" thoughts. Why? Because it's senseless to write a 100+ words suggestion if the mentioned issue was already evaluated and settle by the artist.

    It happens all the time in face to face critiques at college (I have had the experience as student and as a lecturer). For me, a conversation is more interesting than a "one direction talk" . I did participate a lot in forums for writters in the last 10 years, and it's clear for me that sugestions and thoughts are more useful when the work generates a debate.

    That's why I don't like the word "critique". It's is very near to "judgement". I prefer to debate about an artist work than to critique it.

  • Thanks for the good question Nat and @Will-Terry for again a well thought answer. I love to get advice from fellow artists. even though some times its hard or I disagree. As long as you know that you've tried your best at this piece of art, it is not always easy but so helpful to get an advice. We learn from living and we are here to help each other.
    @Bobby-Aquitania How are you doing after last bad week? Can you find some peace of mind? Hope you are alright, and that you can find strength from family, friends and in your art. my prayers are for you.

  • My personal bug bear is when someone asks for a critique, you give one, draw over their work and spend time giving thoughtful suggestions and you don't even get a thanks. It's happened to me elsewhere and it's happened to me on here.


  • This is making me think about a specific critique I received way back in highschool in my AP art class. My teacher for a few months had us do what she called "Three Starts Two Finishes" to just get us creating stuff and moving through pieces. One week, we had to have ideas/starts for three paintings, and the next we had to have two of them finished. Yes, it was fast, but I believe it was helpful to just have us moving through work and creating things without getting hung up on any one piece.

    Anyway, we were doing a critique of everyone's starts, giving thoughts on the composition and concept. One of mine was put up and my classmates found a whole list of things wrong with it, and had very little positive to say. After a few seconds of silence when they had all said their piece, my teacher said, "Well, actually I really like it." She mentioned what she liked and why she disagreed with some of the things my classmates said.

    Unfortunately, the piece was ruined for me. I knew that my teachers opinion was probably more legitimate than my classmates, but I just didn't have the heart to finish that piece, and the other two were the ones I completed to turn in the next week.

    Anyway, that was a really long ramble to say--I really like your first point, Will. It is SO important to start with the good when critiquing. There is always something good about a piece.

  • Thanks @Will-Terry ! The video is great, I really appreciate you taking the time to do it!