Portfolio Website Feedback Please!

  • Good morning and happy Sunday everyone!

    Now that my book is finished (thank God), I'm going to be spending the summer seriously devoting time to improving my portfolio. I started by cleaning up my website of nearly 59 images (ranging from portraits to DnD character art to children's books) down to just children's book art.

    Could I get some feedback? There are a few pieces that I'm reworking and I am planning on creating more images in the coming months.

    Some questions I've been thinking about:

    1)Do the images I have so far look consistent with one another?
    2)I know my portfolio is current anemic, but just how anemic might it be right now?
    3)Regarding digital sketches: would it be better for me to just do higher quality scans, or should they be reworked digitally!

    Thanks in advanced for your help! It's difficult for me to reach out like this because I'm always scared that I might not be "good enough" (yay Imposter Syndrome...) I really appreciate this community and everything we do for each other!

  • Hi Lauren!

    Your page is definitely concise and to the point. The only illustration that stands out a bit is the teapot house. It's more three dimensional than the others. Some people break their work into subgroups (such as B&W and Color). Your other work looks like it's painted traditionally. Perhaps traditional and digital subgroups? Some potential clients may not fully understand the difference between the two, but they will be able to identify if they prefer one style to the other.

    The artwork you show is consistent, but the ornament next to your name on the top doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the page. While lovely, the peacock looks art nouveau-y and isn't as clean as the rest of your page.

    You're doing a solid job on your portfolio. Please know that my thoughts are not based on any personal expertise as I'm entirely inconsistent with my web presence and am easily diverted.

  • @RachelArmington thank you! Actually the artwork on the top is from my letterhead (a logo of sorts). I see what you mean, the Phoenix does look different. Should my logo look similar to my work? The Phoenix has a significance to me personally, based on some things I have overcome, so that’s why I selected it. I’m up for redesigning it as well if my logos should be consistent for my portfolio

  • Hi @lpetiti, your portfolio definitely looks consistent, and your books look consistent with your portfolio also. Cheers!

  • @Jeremy-Ross thank you so much! Would you improve on anything?

  • Hi @lpetiti, Just keep expanding it with more pieces. Suggest you add more 2-page spreads and consider adding your SVS monthly contest submissions.

  • @Jeremy-Ross I actually haven’t tried any contests yet🤦🏻♀️But I think I might now that my schedule can be devoted to more art!

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