GJ 504 b

  • The Earth has long been considered the center of the universe, but in the last hundred years, and in the age of today’s fast-paced discovery, we have learned that approx. there are a trillion other planets. And yet, Earth is still unique because it is the only planet we know that carries life. Nevertheless, ongoing scientific research is for similar planets and signs of life. Of the new discoveries, the most interesting are the Extrasolar Planets (exoplanets) that orbit outside our Solar System, that is, around alien stars. Until the early 1990s, these exoplanets were only depicted in sci-fi genres, but today they are confirmed discoveries, and according to NASA’s Exoplanet Archive list, we know 4,277 exoplanets.

    Based on this, the main topic of the work is the exoplanet called Gliese 504 b (GJ 504 b) and it’s hypothetical visualization were it able to sustain life. The work illustrates in detail some of the (hypothetically) discovered animal species on the exoplanet GJ 504 b and describes its properties through the process of evolution. The GJ 504 b exoplanet boasts a beautiful extraterrestrial magenta color and is 160 million years old. Its size is comparable to that of Jupiter, but its surface is dominated by a temperature of 238 degrees Celsius. These non-human conditions raise the question of what kind of wildlife would be able to withstand them, what might they look like? The work is a series of artistic illustrations that includes a visual presentation of this new world. Through the illustrations, the work suggests the conclusions that life, as we experience it on Earth, can adapt to foreign conditions that people would find very harsh - such as temperature, radiation, drought. On the other hand, the work also sheds light on how we comprehend our own existence. How we become aware of how small of a grain of dust we are with a “big black veil” above our heads, compared to everything else.

    flora.jpg csiga.jpg zmaj.jpg wide environment.jpg nusz.jpg lenyes=cskek.jpg kroki.jpg IMG_20201119_111932.jpg

  • @Emilia-Varga WOW these are amazing and I love this stuff. I also Like to eplore ideas like this. Bravo on the designs and concepts. It really captures my imagination!

  • Love this! Well done!

  • Super cool concept. So intriguing!

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