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  • Hey folks. I have a few questions about SVSLearn's new "Children's Book Pro" platform, which probably can only be answered by moderators/instructors:

    1. Is there a soft release date we can look forward to?
    2. Is it included in our SVS subscription? And if so, why does it have its own website?

    I joined SVS specifically for the children's book classes, so I've been anxiously awaiting Children's Book Pro. Thanks a bunch!

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    hey there, I'll think I can help with your questions.

    1. Is there a soft release date we can look forward to?

    We are looking at May 3rd for our release date. We are frantically trying to film all the sections we still need for it though. But that is the date we are shooting for. It is a LOT of work, but we have all quit all our other jobs to focus entirely on this. It's a team of over 10 people working on this so it's quite a production.

    2. Is it included in our SVS subscription? And if so, why does it have its own website?

    The Children's Book Pro curriculum is entirely its own thing separate from SVS. The reason it has to be this way is that if we kept it with SVS, we would have to raise the price significantly on the monthly and annual membership to pay for it. We want to keep svs SO affordable for everyone and raising the price is not something we wanted to do.

    Also, The whole way this set of classes will work is different than the svs platform and has different requirements. There will be an option to take this class with a pro as your instructor, etc. and the build out on this is extensive.

    For SVS, we have hired @davidhohn as a full time svs teacher and of course we are still teaching as well and we will be focusing on finishing up the foundation program and building out some live workshops (coming soon!).

    So as you can see, there is a LOT going on and we are super excited about all of it! Hope that helps clarify a bit. Let me know if you have any questions at all.

  • Will this help us put together a book of our own? Will we get teacher feedback on our work? Do you know the cost? Thanks.

  • @Lee-White Hi Lee, thanks so much for your quick and thorough response, I'm SUPER excited about Children's Book Pro.

    This may sound eager, but is it possible to "pre-order" a subscription, or to pay for it sooner than May 3rd? Without going into too much detail, I'm a graduating art student with the ability to request school funding for activities related to my professional development until May 1st. I'm not currently able to afford these services otherwise, and would make an ideal student for CBP! I had originally requested funding for a renewal of my SVS subscription, but would definitely prefer to use that money for Children's Book Pro, as I joined SVS to work toward children's book illustration.

    I know that's a super specific question and you have a lot on your plate! Thanks again for your previous response.

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    @Kim-Hunter Good questions! If you do the program with video only, you can use all the things we are teaching to help on your own book. If you choose to have a live teacher, we will be offering 3 manuscripts to choose from. The reason for this is that after teaching so many children's book classes, many people who want to use their own writing often struggle because typically the writing isn't where it needs to be in order to move forward with the dummy. So then you spend weeks just on rewriting the story. Our idea is that you go through the process with one of the three stories we provide, then you will easily be able to do your own story.

    We are still discussing options though as we know many people want to do their own story.

    @cianamacaroni send me an email at l.white@leewhiteillustration and let's talk more about this. I'm sure we can do something that will work. : )

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    Just wanted to say that I can't wait for this, live version!

  • is this a one-time thing? coz its def something id want to do....but im just not ready up to it yet! id want to continue doing regular classes on svs for a while still, then take Childrens Book Pro another time, or if i miss it now, have i missed it forever?

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    it will come around again. We are limiting it this first time due to some extras we are throwing in. Mainly a live weekly zoom session with jake, will, and I. : )

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