April Travelers Inn WIP

  • Bellow is my base sketch for the April contest. I'm currently working through the perspective course so I hope the technical aspects are looking okay so far. I need to also add more to make it look more fantastical, so any creative or technical advice would much appreciated. Hope everyone's projects are going great!


  • @s1h0k looks pretty nice!I d say don't overthink the technical stuff , unless it is something you really want to do. Try to put some story elements details in this. You d want to avoid having the perfect building without a story in the end, and this is a pretty easy trap to fall in if you don't include those story elements in the initial "rough"desing! Looking great so far!

  • I very much agree with @Georgios-Christopoulos feedback! I think its a beautiful house, looking very cosy and friendly, like an Inn in a very small town or countryside, but for now I have no idea what kind of creatures would like to go there, or if this world is any different from our world. So maybe if you have some ideas about that it would be great to see them to give you further feedback on how to develop your design further!

    for your question about the perspective, I think it looks good overall, only two things I noticed: the barrel looks kind of flat, it should come out a bit at the bottom and I'm not quite sure but I think the eye level is somewhere around the hight of the barrel which would mean that we shouldn't be allowed to see the top of the barrel.
    than there is the window at the front, doesn't look quite right, I think it's especially the side of the window that seems of, I also think you wanted to place it in the middle of the house but, its actually much more to the left side.

    Hope this is helpful for you! Excited to see how this will progress : ) (Also sorry for my probably broken English)

  • Thanks for all the advice. I added some more buildings and a barn to try to pull away from the cottage feel and move it more towards an inn for travelers. I redid the close window a few times and widened the wall so the window falls closer to the center.

    Still working on making it more fantastical. Was also thinking about turning the tower into a windmill, but its already somewhat busy as is.


  • Decided to go with a seaside inn built onto an old lighthouse. Most likely going to add some seagulls and look up some coastal foliage. I noticed alot of people are making tiny fairytail inns for woodland creatures which really gives the fairytail/storybook feel. I'm still stuck on pushing my inn away from just medieval/fantasy to fairytail without using characters. I am glad this challenge is forcing me to try out different creative processes though!


  • Think this one is pretty close to finished. The Horse Head Inn & Pub is built around an old light house and is open to any coastal travelers and their animal companions.If anyone has any critiques they are more than welcome.

    I plan on continuing with another piece that will be a hotel for sorcerers/mages that will have some crazier architecture that's abit less grounded in reality.


  • Very fun. Funny enough, when I look at this latest version, I definitely get an Avatar: Last Airbender feel.

  • SVS OG

    @s1h0k This is really good!

  • @s1h0k This is great! The one thing that I see that's a little off is the angle of the shadow cast by the cover over the water trough. The rest of the shadows are angled to the right, but that once cutstoward the left. Also, I love that cat about to take a leap for the drying fish.

  • @ajillustrates Thanks for pointing out that shadow it does stick out. I'm glad you liked the cat he's based off of my wife's goofy cat.

  • @s1h0k there is something wonky about the window facing the viewer on the tower. I think because it doesn’t line up with the door below it it makes the perspective look off. Upon closer inspection I think it is a little off because you have the tower angled a little bit but the window is head on. It looks amazing otherwise. Much better than I would ever have the patience for! Great job!

  • Thanks for all the critiques and advice. I shifted the lighthouse door abit and adjusted the shadows under the overhang. Hopefully it looks abit more natural now.


  • @s1h0k This looks like something I'd use in a D&D campaign! I love the control your line work has, I wish I could do this! I like it!

  • @s1h0k So cool! Fantastic use of perspective 😃

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