Basic Perspective Final - Starting down the path!

  • Hey! Just want some validation that I actually completed an assignment. haha

    Can't say perspective is my favorite but I love tedious little detail work so I ended up having fun with this one. I imagine that this is a bedroom of someone who would consider "cat lover" to be their personality type.

    Thanks for taking a look!


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    @ellenseal Always fun to see how students take that final project and run with it! Great job using props to tell a story!

  • @ellenseal This is a wonderful image concept and the values really make it pop, along with all of the fun elements! Taking a closer look I do think there are a couple of key perspective issues that could make this stronger. I am assuming you were going for two point perspective, so I did an overlay with the implied vanishing points. I marked in red the items that appear out of alignment with the vanishing points. The main one for me was the bed. It feels like it wants to slide off the image. I believe that is because the bed is both misaligned with the right vanishing point and also isn’t fully centered, from a perspective view. I tried to indicate that by crossing the bed rectangle to show where the center line for the headboard would line up in perspective (with the current vanishing point).

    Overall this looks really good, and I think those small adjustments could help. One other thought compositionally would be to consider moving your right vanishing point out a bit further to flatten out some of the severity of the wall slope, but that is more taste than anything. I actually like the pushed perspective and dynamic feel you can get from a more severe angle.

    perspective draw over.png

  • Congrats on finishing the course! Love all the little details you put in.

  • @davido Wow, thanks for your help! I wasn't expecting anyone to put any time into analyzing my image, but I really appreciate it. The bed was looking funky to me but I thought perhaps it was because I picked bad vanishing points. Now I realize that it was that AND I didn't use the second point properly to begin with. Yikes!

    @davidhohn & @TessaW Thank you! I feel vulnerable posting something that I know isn't technically perfect so I appreciate the encouragement.

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