Digital Tax question

  • Hi everyone,

    I know that this may not be the most attractive topic of all or maybe even the right place but I'm really having trouble finding places to ask about Digital Taxes and thought that maybe you as illustrators has had experience working for foreign companies or individual customers in other countries and has dealt with Digital Taxes yourselves.

    So I wanted to ask if any of you has any experience with Digital Taxes from foreign countries.

    The reason i'm asking this is because I've recently learned that making online sales to specific countries may make you liable to paying taxes to that country, based on where the costumer made the purchase and I'm really having trouble to understand how this works, I've tried asking accountants in my country about this but they tell me they are not responsible about those kind of topics when it's involving another country's taxes.

    I've found mixed information in some websites like Quaderno, Avalara and Tax Foundation (links to these resources below) and since these taxes are constantly being modified in each country I no longer know if they are reliable at all to know if I have obligations in the countries I've had customers in.

    Do you know who I could go to to find reliable info about this in specific countries? Do I need to consult directly with accountants from a specific country to actually know if I should pay VAT in that country? Or is there another professional I should go to to ask about this?

    If you have no idea about this at all maybe at least this post serves to open a bit the discussion about it... (・_・;) Sorry if this is a bit too off topic from the usual stuff in this forum...

    Resources about Digital Taxes:

    Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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