Our SVS Virtual Studio APRIL 2021🐰

  • @Kim-Hunter I love that quote from the book. Is actually one of my favourite books ever.

  • Hello everyone! It's my first time posting art in the forum so hope this is ok but thought I'd share some of my experiments with shade and colour using Sketchbook. I'm still learning how to draw and figuring out how I'd like to draw but I'm really enjoying the process - I won't be quitting my day job any time soon!

    I don't like drawing vehicles as they always look boxy so I've cheated and drawn a boxy van! I added my bear character, Strawbeary, who is a wee country bear who always wears a straw hat, chews a blade of grass and plays the banjo so I used lighter colours for sunshine, corn fields, dusty roads and a bright sky. I did another version with another character called Bluebeary, who is a jazzy bear wearing a beret who plays the trumpet so I used a bluey hue and night scene. If anyone's curious I'll post that as well.

    strawb van bw small.png

    strawb van shade small.png

    strawb van small.png

    strawb van colour small.png

    Some thoughts on this exercise:
    I find it difficult to create a digital image with the charm of a traditional painting so I tried to use different colour layers to create a less flat-looking image. Too many colours and brushes looked too busy and intense. Muting the colours looked too faded and odd with the bold outlines. I tried hiding the black sketch outlines and only used colour for definition but it looked a bit wishy washy so I put them back for clarity. I think I'll try doing a version of this as a traditional painting and with coloured pencils as well to see if the 'charm' I'm seeking isn't just romanticised!

    The sketch itself is confusing because the bear is in the front seat as if they're driving but the door is open so we can peek inside so the van is not moving... If it was a book illustration it would be fun to see various items bouncing around inside or an item flying out the door as if they've forgotten to shut the door. It looks flat from this side view but not flat enough to be bold and cartoony so I could add shadows to create depth but probably best to just redraw it. I had wanted to try doing a slice image like looking into a doll's house so maybe it would be fun to see the bear inside too with their feet on the pedals.

    It was fun to draw and play with colour anyway!

  • I'm working on my first comic page! I just finished up on the refined sketch stage. Ember encounters a shadowy creature that interrupts her potion making! Haha πŸ˜ƒ I'm having lots of fun with this.


  • IMG_20210405_204743_302.jpg IMG_20210405_204743_264.jpg

    Another set. This is a giant blind cave mole sniffing out two sneaking cave explorers.

  • Been drawing ice-cream lately... :-]


  • IMG_20210406_213225_238.jpg

  • I am in the hospital at the moment, so I have a lot of time on my hands. I recently received a iPad mini as a gift. I’m still finding my way with it. So I decided to do some items related to the Hogwarts houses. I started with slytherin, then Ravenclaw, then hufflepuff and finally gryffindor. You can see my skills evolve in the pics haha

    BF44084E-C9B2-4ACF-B940-FAFBE6196DC1.jpeg 9BD3A042-6D43-4A07-867B-585A106A83EB.jpeg 023E9DA8-768C-45C0-961B-ED57DCC87E90.jpeg

  • @emergingeden My gosh this is amazing! Sorry to hear you're hospital bound, but at least you've got somethin' to draw on, right?

    I LOVE how you colour coded each one. Works perfectly!

  • @emergingeden hope you feel better soon! I love the ravenclaw colors the most, such pop! but I also might be biased cuse that's my house haha.

  • @Georgios-Christopoulos Love the energy in this sketch! A great dynamic composition too

  • @emergingeden I love these! I think my favorite is Slytherin πŸ™‚ I hope you feel better soon!

  • Untitled_Artwork.jpg

    I've started the vehicle design course here at SVS. It's quite challenging! I draw vehicles pretty often (usually space junk) but don't put a lot of character into the designs, hopefully this will help. I'd love to redraw an old vehicle once I'm through the course to put the new knowledge to practice.

  • @jakecrowe Ooh these are great! I hate drawing vehicles as I'm rubbish at it so I should take that course too!

  • @mandaleemade thanks a lot!!

  • Hi! Ive just printed loads of bookmarks with inktober drawings. These are my first inktober products ever and first prints in my shop too! πŸ™‚

    Each bookmark is printed on both sides and tells a little story.


  • @Kim-Hunter The FB group - Mustang Sport Horse Community just posted slo-mo video of a horse jumping. You can really see how the joints work. https://www.facebook.com/100010763712937/videos/pcb.857883694943745/1366860180349426

  • So... a little creative break here, kinda switched gears πŸ˜‰just for a minuteπŸ˜†24D09377-A2D4-4618-B8EF-6BE9855B4611.jpeg

  • @jakecrowe This is really cool! My attempts at vehicles are... questionable at best. I’ve always thought cars were boring and have avoided that course, but this makes me want to do it!

  • Still posting simple garden art (slowly working towards a "draw 50 things" piece) while I work on a MG novel. These garden pics keep me studying and learning, but they're pretty simple pictures, so I have a lot of space to work on my writing while still posting to social media. I try to study the 'thing' for a few pictures, like bees or strawberries, and then turn them into a character for fun. Here is a sample:
    Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 8.57.02 AM.png

  • Doing last months prompt right now (:

    To everyone who asked, I’m doing pretty well considering but I probably have to stay in the hospital a few more weeks. Just to land back on my feet. Thank you for your consideration (:

    Lots of time to draw though! I think I forgot to have fun a little before

    About the character: meant to be a preteen, doing a menial job at the railway, she has limited resources so she chose to travel in a job! I thought that was a nice little twist. She’s quite jolly and chirpy, maybe even a little bit on the naive side. And of course her hair never does what she wants haha

    961EBB21-EC46-4FBE-871A-AD828B487780.jpeg 2F7A488A-45C3-4285-ADE2-92F13FCE4763.jpeg

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