3rd Thurs. - Love your critters

  • Hello SVS community! First time posting and first time joining in on the 3rd Thursday fun. Quick intro, I am currently a freelance graphic designer and technical illustrator for clients in the lighting and home furnishing world. I have recently re-kindled my passion for character and story illustration and am pushing myself and portfolio to make the transition into that line of work. Some of my challenges are using colors that makes my work sing, setting/populating a scene and creating a new style that resonates with my new direction in life. Which brings me here!

    Now for the fun stuff, when I hear love my heart always fills for my wife and our two girls. Below is a sketch of us as a squirrel family. I'm always looking to improve and I can take a beating so feel free to comment, question and give critiques.


  • SVS Team SVS OG

    Welcome to the forum! Great piece above, one suggestion I have is the length of their arms, they seem to be very long for a squirrel.

  • Pro SVS OG

    Welcome!!! this is an amazing forum so supportive and so much learning going on here. Such a cute concept. I love the setting of the tree. My only thought to share ; when I first looked at the drawing I thought their tails were a cute little couch. Perhaps just clarifying a bit so viewers don't stop to try and figure out what it is- Thank you for sharing- Again just a suggestion

  • Pro SVS OG

    Actually I was just thinking once you add color there won't be any confusion that they are tails-so just ignore my above comment-and again welcome!!! 🙂

  • Thank you both for the feedback.

    @Chip-Valecek I took a second look and totally agree. From my background I have a tendency to do humanoid characters, its not a bad habit but one that should be used at the right time.

    @lmrush I am always welcome to feedback and their is some truth in first impressions so thank you for the input. Color will definitely help deciphering between tails and a highback chair.

    One thing that has been bugging me about the tails is the heart they make when together. It isn't very predominate so am trying to figure out how to draw it to make it more clear. Second is the lack of background detail in their tree den... Things to work on! I'll update soon.

  • Between being sick with my kiddo's for a week and catching up on work I wont have time to finish my original love illustration. I did create a piece for Valentines Day that definitely works, so I'm going to give that a little more treatment and submit it for the deadline. Thank you both for the help, I would like to get back to this one once things settle again. 😃

  • I like your characters, really expressive 🙂

    Agree with the others about the arm/handsize that's big compared to the rest of their bodies - will you be finishing this even though you won't be submitting it to the Third Thursday? 🙂