3rd Thursday Feb- The Fly Prince and the Widow.

  • Hi all,
    Here i am again to ask you for some advice and feedback for this concept I've started workin on for the contest. As you can see we have an ipothetical Fly Prince sharing his love to his natural anthagonist...pretty basic as a simple contrast idea but... I sort of liked the idea...

    love1.jpg ![love.jpg](uploading 100%)

  • I love your concept! It's morbid in a way!

  • I like the concept. Check out "The Spider and the Fly" by Tony DiTerlizzi for some really awesome illustration inspiration.

  • @bharris thx and yes, actually I look for that morbid and creepy look 🙂 i'll post asap the new refined version to get some critique about that one in wich i enhanced the creepiness with spider webs and eggs all around the cove...

  • I like where this is going! I like morbid stuff as well. Your composition is working well, and I think the fly looks great. My only issue right now is that the spider didn't read s a spider at first glance, the anatomy and shapes seem off. She looks a bit more slug-like, plump and squishy, instead of having that spindly and creepy spider quality.

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